Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015 Rain, Rain and more Rain!

This week has been pretty wet! But I love storms, so I really didn't mind! Oh, I hope Samuel had a nice birthday! Love you buddy!
So at the beginning of the week, Monday and Tuesday we had the Gulf Breeze sisters staying in our apt. because they had to get a mold infested wall removed from their apt. Monday morning we all went to Sister L's and went on a walk, it was raining but it was still fun! Then we went back to her place and had smoothies and bagels. Those were super good! She makes the best smoothies! We then had the rest of our good P-day. Then we went and had a great and I mean GREAT lesson with V.  A. was there for dinner but then he had to leave.. but, his dad was there. He is a member and just happened to be in town this last week. So we taught her the Plan of Salvation! It was a wonderful lesson! The spirit was so strong. She told us she 100% believes the Plan of Salvation. When we told her about the Celestial Kingdom she started crying and expressed how she wants to live there with her family forever! She also loved learning about the Spirit World. She then was like I really, really want to marry and get sealed to A. She started crying about that as well. She asked us if she can't get sealed without knowing the Book Of Mormon is true? We told her no.. she was like, I just feel like I won't ever know if it is.. We testified to her that we know if she prays and asks God with that sincere heart.. She will know! She really is doing so well. We love her so much!!!
On Tuesday we had a nice district activity. We learned about teaching people not lessons and how to begin teaching. We did this thing, it wasn't a role play, but we each had to write a question on the board and we then got assigned a question and had to answer it.  I got the hardest question... I was sad I couldn't answer it for Elder Fortin, but I did do some extra studies on it and kind of found a answer.. after I asked President Smith in our interview after district meeting. We did a very short district activity we had another Nerf War for about 45 minutes. We were going to go to the Naval Air Museum but we didn't have time, it would have taken too much time out of our proselyting day but after the Nerf War  we headed to Pensacola. We had interviews with President Smith. Those went good,  I just love my Mission President and his wife! They are such great leaders!!! While we were waiting some of the other sisters and I drew some pictures on the board... They are on the Blog.. When we were driving home... we got NAILED with rain, it was crazy!! There was thunder and lighting everywhere... I loved it,  then we had to pull over because it was raining so bad. We couldn't see 15 feet in front of us.  When we stopped I took of my shoes and got out.. the water almost covered my feet. it was really deep in the parking lot.. haha it was flooded kind of bad in some areas we passed.. When we got home it was still raining, but not as bad. We went and saw a member in our apt. complex. The sisters spent the night again!
Wednesday we did some service at the thrift store and had a small lunch! Then we went to Predio for a baptism.  It was one of Sister Kirtons old investigators. She spoke for it the Y's drove us there. We had a good time with them! We saw M. S. for our first new member lessons. She is a completely different person! It was crazy! She talked, she even went to Mormon Prom and danced! She was so shy before her baptism and now she is just so different, it is amazing! We taught her about obedience. We then talked to her grandma forever after her lesson.. She is a really great women!
Thursday was weekly planning. We saw the R.  we taught about Family History and Temples and Eternal marriage. That was sweet!
We had dinner with the W's. They are moving to Turkey! How cool is that? So sweet!  It would be kind of scary to move you whole family over there right now but still it's pretty cool. They have lived some pretty awesome areas. Then we went to our Correlation meeting.
Friday we went and saw sister W's and sister A.! We then had a lesson with J, we taught her about Following the Prophet. She is doing really good. Continuing to pray and read.  We read from 1 Nephi with her. We had dinner with the C. family. I love that family! They are so cute! Their little boys are adorable! I think I got pictures to send. We played Pictionary with them haha... We then went to movie night! We watched some really good movies about enduring to the end. The Elders did a great job at picking some real tear jerkers.. Oh, when we got to movie night the Gulf Breeze Sisters and the Eders recent convert attacked us with Nerf bullets. When the Elders got there we did the same thing... I may or may have not been playing around after and shot someone in the back of the neck.... Oops! it also may or may have not left a nice welt..... :/ Word of advice.. PBC pipes work great for Nerf guns....  
Saturday we did service at the thrift store. Then we tried to see the R's.. No one was home so we got to go and meet with this less active that we haven't met before. The Elders use to work with him, he was super cool and super friendly. He said we could come see him and his family again. We then had a really good dinner with the G. family and The L's. who are new in the ward. That was really cool. I found out they know Sister Strickland, small world. We then went to play basketball. There were so many people there. We ended up playing Hunger Games Dodge Ball.. That was super fun! I don't mean to brag or anything but I won! :D haha... Elder Payne won the first one, then it was me..haha it is a super fun game though..
Sunday we had a nice time at church! We had some CRAZY storms again.. along with this whole wet week.. but yesterday was awesome! Poring rain.. thunder every where.. I don't think people know what rolling thunder is until you experience a thunderstorm in Florida. I love them! We made this game... for keeping the commandments. We played it with the S. family after dinner. Then we saw C. She is such a busy women, it's crazy!! Then we saw the H's. Another really cute family.
Well,  I love y'all so much! Hope you have a great week!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

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April 13, 2015


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April 6, 2015 Baptism