Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Just a few random pictures from January 2015-June 2015

June 08, 2015 Transfering out of Navarre after 10 months.

Hey Everyone,
 This week has been pretty good. Monday was good. We were suppose to go to the zoo.. but it rained. #classic but it was pretty good. We had dinner with the Y's :)
Tuesday we had a nice district meeting. The Gulf Breeze Sisters taught about unity. It was really good! It was about just staying focused and remembering that we are all here for the same reason, To bring others to Christ. :) After district meeting we had a SICK Nerf War. Haha ...I love those!   ;)  A few non missionaries came. A. from Gulf Breeze and A. from our ward. They both are leaving for their missions soon. A. is leaving in about 15 days. But the Nerf War was pretty epic.. Elder P. and I were the last ones in and hunting for each other.... Haha... this went on for about 15 minutes of us just running around dodging each other. A. was hiding and we could not find him... after about 25 minutes of him hiding we finally found him... He was in the scout closet.. upstairs.. hiding behind flags..... Elder P. was so mad.. He thinks he would have won if A. was helping him out.. (they were trying to "kill me" before I shot them.. I won.... haha it was super fun! Highly recommended!!!Now back to missionary work.. Haha....
So then we went to see J. and a less active family. We had a really funny dinner with the R's.. I may or may not have lost it during the prayer for no reason.. and I was the one praying.  I could hardly say amen.... #longday? 
Wednesday we did our service at the thrift store then went to Pensacola for a Dr. Appt. Then came home and had dinner with a member and her in-active daughter. That was really nice.
Thursday we drove to Bristol for another appointment, road trip. That was super fun! I feel when I get home I am going to want to go on a lot more road trips, since I feel more comfortable driving short and long distances. When we got home from our 6 hour drive we went to see one of our investigators. She wasn't home. She forgot about our appt. Then  we had our correlation meeting.
Friday we did some planning and saw some members. Sister C. took us after dinner to get snow cones and walk the pier. That was fun, I took a lot of pictures. 
Saturday we did service and tried some less actives/ in-actives but  no one was home. Then  we finished our weekly planning. We had a nice dinner with the L's. Then played basketball. A few non- members came again. :) 
Sunday was pretty good. We  tried to visit some different less-actives and no one was home. After we went and had dinner at a members house. Then helped out Sister C. whose husband is coming home from his deployment today. We helped her decorate her house  and make cookies.  :) We then got "The Phone Call"...................When they said my name over the phone my heart dropped..  I knew it was coming but I was hoping I could lay low for another 6 weeks.... haha.  But I do know that this is what I need. I am needed somewhere else. I am super excited to gain new experiences and grow differently in another area. I have been very blessed to have served is this "Dream" area for almost 10 months. :) I am so grateful for the great ward and all the amazing people that I  have been able to meet." Maybe I will just get transferred to Gulf Breeze... since Sister S. is leaving too.. haha :) we will see and I will let you all know what happens :) I love you! Have a great week! :) 
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist