Monday, December 8, 2014

December 08, 2014 - Lessons, Movie Nights and Service

Hey everyone!
 This week was just another fast one. Can y'all believe that I have been out for 4 months! Time really does just fly by! I don't really know what happened this week.
On Monday we just filled out Christmas Cards. 
Tuesday we had District Meeting, that was good. Then we went to see some less actives, also we went to visit with R. and E.  E. is doing so well! She even wanted to move her Baptismal date up. But she has wait a bit longer :) 
Wednesday  we worked at the thrift store, we saw C. We then saw J.. We talked to her about the Book of Mormon. We then set up an appointment with her then we had dinner. We also tried to visit some more less actives, but nobody was home. We did get in to see the C's. They really are so nice to us. Every time we go over there they give us some kind of food or money to buy food, it is ridiculously nice of them.. 
Thursday was really long.  We saw R. and E. tried to visit with some of our investigators, contacted some referrals, had dinner and a lesson with V. and A. That went so well! Then we had correlation meeting. 
Friday was another long day. We tried to see a less active but she was sick. We then finished weekly planning. We saw another less active and had another great lesson with Vi. We made some candy pretzels with her. We then saw Va. She is doing good.  :) We also had dinner and another lesson with R. and E. with Sister C.. That was really great!  Then we had movie night, gotta love MMN ( Missionary Movie Night). It is great! We watched The Testaments. #Churchfilms 
Saturday was full of service. We helped Sister K. move. We then worked at the thrift store. Then we helped clean Sister K. house. Then we tried to see another less active but the wife wasn't home so we couldn't go inside. We walked around and talked to some people. We then had dinner and went to volleyball. We do volleyball every Saturday night! I love it! 
Sunday we went to church. None of our investigators showed up. E. was sick. Then  after church we went to see a less active on the Island. Then we talked to a few people. We also tried to see some potentials but they were not home. Then we had dinner with Sister L. She is great! Then we watched The Christmas Devotional, which was really good! I hope y'all got to watch it, if not I would encourage you to watch it.
Today we went to the beach! I saw some dead Jelly Fish. The beaches here are so pretty! The sand is just so soft and bright,  also did you know that Navarre has the longest pier in the Gulf of Mexico? At least it was before the last hurricane wiped it out. I still think it's the longest though. 
So this next week should be really great. We have  a district activity tomorrow. We are going to the Zoo. That should be fun,  that is what my district wants to do. Hopefully I will get y'all some pictures next week. On Thursday we have Half Mission Conference! We get to watch "Meet The Mormons" I am super excited! I am pretty sure we are the only mission that hasn't seen it yet. haha We also are doing a gift exchange. I got Sister R. to buy gifts for. I'm glad it was her. She is the only Sister I really know on this half of the mission. haha. On Sunday is Sister C. half birthday so we are celebrating. Well I hope you have a great week. I love you!! Thanks for the support. You all are awesome! Remember that God loves you. I love y'all. Have a great week! 
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 1, 2014 Condemned to _ _ _ _.

Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 "The Giraffe was Creeping!"

So to start off, this was THE FASTED WEEK EVER!
Time just flies by like you wouldn't believe! It doesn't seem like it was last week when I emailed y'all..
It really has just been a CrAzY week!! We got dumbed by our "Investigator." She told us to  "Google the Momentum]Church, it's awesome Rock and Role" They teach mega anti-Mormon stuff and I'm pretty sure people only go because it's on the beach sometimes. Oh well, she has still been nice to us. She texted us and told us Happy Thanksgiving. Her heart will be softened someday, I'm sure! We also had some less actives that we have been working with tell us not to come over right now. Which is fine, I guess. In their own time, I suppose. So other then that roughness of the week. We had Zone Training in P-Cola. We then had Zone Activity. We played Football. That was a lot of fun! (kind of..) I looked like a dancing chicken, haha...We also had some lessons that day! :) We also had a great dinner with M. and V. They made us steak! We saw some less actives, we went tracting for the first time for me! It's so scary going up to doors.. it was fun though. So Friday marked my 3 months here in Navarre! It has been so great! I absolutely love it! I love the ward here and I love everyone we meet! We have met some pretty interesting souls.'
 We went to the Island yesterday! It was stormy all yesterday but when it cleared up a little we drove to the Island and saw a less active lady that lives over there. We also walked and looked at the water. It was so creepy looking! I have never seen the Gulf so angry! It looked like a bad day at the California beaches. It was dark and waves were crashing like there was a hurricane a'comin. Sketchy! haha, it was cool though. So today we are going out to lunch with the B. They are the senior couple in Brewton, AL. They are coming to take us to this BBQ place. #Carnivore.  I can't believe that this week is Thanksgiving! This year went by so fast! I remember what I did last Thanksgiving. It is going to be weird not being with family over the holidays, but I hear that it just doesn't feel like they happened, haha. 
 So I heard a quote this week that is so true! It goes "95% of missionary work is awkward the other 5% is extremely awkward" So true! haha... I have come to the conclusion that I really just don't care anymore if it is awkward, it's fun!
Oh, there is this little girl in our ward, who is the cutest little thang. We were telling her about how we went to the zoo and she was like "the giraffe was creepin'" She is 2 years old,  ya gotta love little E.
Sorry this letter is just all over the place. Oh, did I mention it rained for like 2 days straight? I love the rain! haha umm lets see.... If any of y'all have any questions, feel free to ask. That may make the letters more exciting to read. Well, I love y'all so much and I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Remember to stay happy and that GOD LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT! I love knowing that my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ love me!! Knowing that brings me so much peace. Knowing that they are always there for me.  I hope y'all can remember that! Also remember the things y'all are grateful for this week and fellow weeks to come! Something to always remember is to be grateful for is the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ! I know that, and  I truly am so grateful for that! I am also so grateful for all of you! Y'all have impacted me in some way or another! Thanks for all that y'all do! I love you! Have a AMAZING THANKSGIVING~

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014 - Red next to Black a friend of Jack

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 10, 2014 - New Companion Sister Cooper

Hey Y'all!
 How was everyone's week? I hope good. My week was good! Even though it was sad to see Sister Strickland, leave it was still good!
 Monday we just packed and enjoyed our p-day. Tuesday Sister Strickland said goodbye to a lot of people. That was fun! We also had District Meeting which was fun. Sister Alder and Elder Young got transferred. We will miss them. Elder Young went to Pascagoula, Mississippi and Sister Alder went to Bristle, Florida.
 Wed. we had transfers . I got my new companion her name is Sister Cooper she is from Vacaville, California. She goes home in 2 transfers as well. I feel I will be In Navarre for a while. It was actually really funny. Sister Strickland and I where talking before we left to Crestview (transfer spots) and she said that Sister Cooper was going to be my new companion. Sister Cooper had a dream a few months ago that we were companions, lol... and we where sitting right next to each other. 
Thursday we just visited some less actives and did weekly planning then we had correlation meeting. Same old stuff. 
 Friday we saw R. and E. She is getting baptized!!!!! On January 10th. Yay! She is so great!!! We also went and saw V. The Elder's came and gave her a blessing! That was really neat! She was really grateful for it!
Saturday we did the usual, the thrift store, we did OYM (open your mouth) and it was super cold, so it wasn't super effective because no one was outside. Let me tell y'all less actives are the way in! We have worked some great miracles with them. We saw sister R. the other day and she was only active in the church for a year (she has been a member for like 15 years) . I asked her who she would like to say the pray and she thought I asked if she would say it. She was like "I guess I will try my best." she then said a wonderful prayer! Also the part member families are wonderful as well! I love this area and this great work!!! I hope you all are having a great week!! Oh yeah, Sunday we just did the usual, just the same old stuff.. . Except the dream to become a pro race car driver is still there!! I know what I want to do with my life after the mish.. I have connections now!you're laughing now, but when I'm rolling in the doe.. who will be the one laughing.. ;) well, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! Thanks for everything! Your all super great!!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist.

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014 - Sister Strickland is going home. Three Month Mark

Hey everyone,
So this week was pretty boring, lol.. just he same o'l same o'l. So this letter will be really short.
Monday, we had a district activity and we played Frisbee at the beach and also walked the pier. It's the longest pier in the Gulf of Mexico. That was a lot of fun! I saw so many jellyfish and some stingrays and little fishes.
 Tuesday, we had a great district meeting. It was a massive call to repentance, it was really good, the spirit was defiantly there! We had our ward trunk or treat which was really fun! We pimped out our bikes, lol... Well, actually we just had been biking and our bikes where still on the back of our car so we turned on all the flashy lights and a ward member gave us candy to hand out. That was a lot of fun!  Oh, Sister Strickland also took some pictures of us biking. We are trying to see what all we can do while we are biking, so far we have eaten snow cones.. the snow cone was in Sister Strickland's cup/bottle holder thing on her bike and I ate it while biking.  We have taken pictures and a few other things. I am getting pretty good at biking with no hands... lol. it's pretty fun! Also at the trunk or treat we talked with some people in our ward, their son who is 19 is going to Dixie in January. So J. keep an eye out for J.Y.  
Wednesday we just did the usual in the morning, then we had exchanges. Sister Nelson(the Sister trainer, one of them) came to Navarre. She was here before we came here. So we just had a pretty good exchange. It's funny the day she came all of our usually solid appointments fell through, but it was still good, also I have been driving now everyday, it is a fun little car to drive. 
 Thursday, we just did some missionary work as usual. We got a new investigator named A.. She has 6 kids. (She also came to church with 3 of her kids and her sons Girlfriend) so Thursday was good. We bike to the church and a ward member got so mad at us for biking in the dark. lol but we didn't have any miles, she drove us home. 
 Friday, we went to M.Y's for lunch. She made us pizza burgers they were pretty good then we had our district activity, we played broom hockey and bobbed for apples and ate donuts off of strings, haha... I won.. #immafatty.
 Saturday, we saw Miss K and worked at the thrift store, same old stuff. Then we had lunch with Sister A. She took us to the "Cactus Flower." That was good. Then we went and saw some inactives. Then we went to Taco bell with a Sister in the ward. #reallyafatty. 
Sunday, we had a lot of people come to church. We had less active come, our new investigator that I talked about and R, E, and R's grandson! It was really good. I think Gospel Doctrines scared A. a little bit lol...  Then we had a lesson with a recent convert L. She is 17 and super good at dancing. She is really sweet! She is the only member in her family. The mom sits in on every lesson. Hopefully she will join sometime. I think that is something L. would love if her whole family joined. Then we did some more missionary work and had dinner with the L's. They now tease me for liking brownies... #extrafat  So after dinner we went and saw V. She had to shave her head because her hair was falling out in clumps because of the Chemo. Poor lady, I think she is only in her 30's or 40's.. We met her son who is 10 years old, he lives with her sister. He is a cutie!
So that is about all that happened this week. Oh, and I am staying here in Navarre. Sister S's time is up and she is headed home on Friday! :( Well actually she leaves Navarre on Wednesday. I'm going to miss her! I guess it happens.  I love y'all. I want y'all to know that" I know the church is true. I love my mom and dad and my brothers and sisters too."
LOL...anyway's, I really do know that this church is true and that Jesus Christ died for us so we can returned to live with our loving Heavenly Father. I know that Joseph Smith restored this gospel on the earth and that we have a living Prophet today who really does lead and guide us. I know that we can be sealed to our families for time and all eternity. I also know how important it is! I love y'all and hope y'all have a very wonderful week!! #giveem'heaven #onlythebest #behappy!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 26, 2014 - A. Baptism Was Awesome!

Hey everyone,
 This week was good, it went by super fast..
Monday we emailed and I slept for a bit, then we went to Wal-Mart. We had all three of our appointments cancel on us Monday night, so we went to the Y's we had some cake for dessert. Then we asked them some questions that one of our investigators had. 
Tuesday we had District meeting and that was really, really good. We talked about being bold. I love my district! They are wonderful missionaries.   After we went to the thrift store for a sorters meeting. That was helpful, but boring. lol We then went to see R. and E. E. sat throughout the whole lesson. She is coming along so well. She is reading and praying and coming to church. She also hasn't been drinking as much. She told us that she doesn't really have the desire to drink like she did, she said that she thinks its because I have been coming to church. She is so sweet! We then went to see Sister A. but she wasn't home. So we went home got ready for our next appointment and then went to dinner at Sister A's house. We then a little later we went to M. and V's house and had dinner there.. (yes we were so stuffed) lol it was really great though! M. asked for a Book of Mormon. He said he wants religion in his life. Need I tell you he told us that he didn't want to hear about the church but he said that he would listen as time goes on and he just didn't want it shoved on him, of course no one wants that.. So after dinner we went to the church to pick up some stuff and talk with the bishop about the baptism.
Wednesday we worked at the thrift store. Then we went and saw C. Still having some rough stuff going on.  After meeting with her we biked to the R's house and had a real awkward lesson with them.. We went to meet with the mom, but the dad and the mom just put us outside with the daughters who had been investigating the church and said you can meet out here.. the daughters and Sister Strickland and I just where like what is going on... lol. the mom came out for a second and was like, I got to get back to cooking... the  mom just thought we came to see the daughters.  Anyways, we then went and had our last lesson/dinner with A. before his baptism.  They bought us Zaxby's, yum! We had a good lesson with him. We then came home.
Thursday we went to the church and cleaned the font, it was gross! Then we had lunch that a member bought us, pizza and breadsticks and soda. Then we went and biked and "oymed" a ton! We talked to 40 people in about 3 hours ha ha.. and that was just us biking around. We street contacted this guy who was like "Oh my wife is actually a member, let me go get her." She comes out and is like "SISTERS!!" she was so happy to see us. She told us she has only lived in Florida for like 2 years but hasn't been to church in a year. She then said "It must be a sign if I run into you guys the day we are moving into our new house" Lol.. She then set up an appointment to feed us next week. Then we had correlation meeting, which was good. Then we went and saw the C's.
Friday we went to M. Y's for lunch and then we went to see  J. then E. and then C.  Then we went to dinner and then did weekly planning..
Saturday we went to see Miss K. she is amazing! Then we went to the thrift store and then to the church. A. was baptized! That was great! We also had lunch with the K's.  We had a great day!!!
Sunday was great as well!  We had the primary program and another baptism which was the Elders. Well, I would love to write more but my time us up on the computer here at the library. I love you all, have a great week.
Love, Sister Seegrist

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014 - Nerf Wars and Pensacola

Hey everyone!!
 How was you all's week? I hope it was good! I had a great week! This week went by so fast! I guess I will just do the usual and start with Monday.
On Monday we had a Nerf War with our district, that was a lot of fun. Then we went and got our hair cut and then we did our shopping. Then we went and met with a recent convert named L. she is 17 and joined the church in June. She is really a great person! The Elders where the ones working with her but now we will be. 
On Tuesday we went to Pensacola for zone training. We were placed on a lock down because there were a lot of storms in the mission, including tornado's but the lock down only lasted about an hour.  The training was really good. The Zone leaders did a great job at teaching!  After training we went to lunch with some of the sisters in our zone, we went to Panda Express, then came home, then we went to see R and V.
Wednesday  we worked at the thrift store. Then we went and saw C. After visiting with her we went to V's house and helped her clean her house. She has breast cancer and just started chemo, we just dusted and swept and mopped. After that we went to our dinner and lesson with R and his wife E. We taught the plan of salvation. She said it was "interesting" and she would pray about it. After that lesson we biked to A's and had our appointment with him. On the way back we saw something big and black and at first we thought it was a bear because they are EVERYWHERE here. (I have yet to see one) But it was actually just a dog. It started chasing us. We were biking so fast, haha.. Then we got to our car and were like I guess we will have to see if the dog was nice, haha.. thank goodness it was. It was a chocolate lab and was just wagging it's tale. lol.
Thursday we tried to do our weekly plan but that never works out when we want it to. Then we went to the church to make some copies then we went to see A. and then the R. family then we visited with a few others.  We went to dinner at the S's. They are a great family! Then we went to correlation meeting.. After that we went to the K's. They are a great family as well!
Friday we biked all day! We biked to M.Y's house (need I mention her house is like 6 mile at least) We had lunch with her and watched more Conference. Then we biked to T.A's house and talked with her. We then went and tried a referral from the Elders, but she wasn't home. Then we went to see C.  then we biked to the M's house for dinner. We went with them to this Thai place. That was yummy! Then we biked all the way home which was about 10-15 miles. It was dark and cold and we had 45 minutes to get home to get our car and go to another appointment. We were biking so fast lol. We were about 10 minutes late. It was A's baptismal interview. That went very well. We talked with them after the interview. We love them so much. They are another great family. Then we went home and planned.
Saturday we went and saw Miss K. She is amazing! She was on Dr. P. last October and they where just so mean to her. She was reuniting with her daughter and Dr. P. just was trashing her and they wouldn't let her take her medicine before the show that ways she would freak out of TV, but she said to us that "I just sat there with the light of Christ and kept my mouth shut" She is an amazing women. After meeting with her we went to the thrift store and worked we then went to lunch at the waffle house.. mmm waffles. that was good. Then we went and got our flu shots. Our mission required us go get them lol.. Then we did some weekly planning in the library parking lot.. (the things we do to save miles..) Later we biked to the S's for dinner again. It was their daughters birthday, she is 7 years old. All of their kids are really cute! Then we were biking home and talked to this guy who actually wants to be baptized. He had taken the discussion and already knows its all true but he isn't ready yet. The Elder's that taught him just stopped seeing him after a certain Elder left. So we got his information and he said he would love to have them come over. We gave the information to the new Elders, because we know they will actually get it done. He bore his testimony on the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and he said he feels this is his Church home.  He told us he knows he will get baptized eventually. That was really awesome! Then we biked back to our car and finished weekly planning and did 12 week.
Sunday we went to church. We had 3 investigators come to church, that was really great! Then we went and oymed a lot and went to Sister L's for dinner. Then we watched some of conference with her. Then we biked home..
Today we are just emailing and doing the usually p-day stuff.. Well, I love y'all. I  know this church is true! I know that if you pray Heavenly Father will answer your prayers. I hope y'all have a great week!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014 - Gator and Turtle Soup!

Hey everyone!
 How has y'all's week been? Mine has been pretty good! Another week in Navarre.  I guess I will just start with Monday again.
Monday, we emailed and then just relaxed at 6 pm we went to dinner with Sister White and Sister William's she is actually from Santa Clara, her maiden name is Sister Cook. They are nice ladies we then went and visited with the W's. Then we did some planning.
Tuesday my companion was sick, we went to district meeting which was really good. We talked about "oyming" and finding those who are kept from the gospel because they don't know where to find it. Then we did some planning with the Gulf Breeze Elders for the family history booth. That was good. They are great Elders. After that we went home for lunch then we had to get stuff to fix my flat tire and stuff for our family history booth. Then we  went to see R, Sister A and then Sister F who was going to have us over for dinner, but she was in a lot of pain, so she bought us a gift card to this pizza place, so we went there for dinner.  Then we  did 12 week and fixed my tire. Well fixed my front tire...
Wednesday we went to Pensacola for interviews with our Mission President. That was really good. Then a member took us to CiCis Pizza. Then we went to see R and E. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she will read a chapter a week. She is so cute and funny. Then we went and had a lesson with A. We taught him about the priesthood. Then we biked home and did planning. Sister Strickland made me an awesome planner. It is pretty hashtagalishious and yes that is a word..
Thursday we visited some less actives and members and tried some potentials. Then we went to correlation meeting and then to this Relief Society activity. That was great! After we planned more for the family history booth. My back tire on my bike completely popped, so I had to get stuff to fix it, Sister S. and I fixed that. 
Friday we went to lunch, Sister Y then to Sister W's. Then we went to the thrift store and got everything else finalized for the family history booth.  Then we went to dinner with the M's and then we had a lesson with N. We also finished our weekly planning.
Saturday we went to our family history booth, it was a the "Picktober Fest" it was a breast cancer awareness fest. We were there from 10-5. The Gulf Breeze Elders helped us and that went really well, we talked to 411 people, and yes we did keep tract. Elder Young and I pretty much talked to half of those. Which was good because we are both still learning. After the booth we went to dinner with the E's. We went to the Thai Hut, that was pretty good. I got some really good pepper steak, lol. Then we went to our lesson with A, he is getting baptized on the 25th of this month. We are super excited for him!!!  :)
Sunday we went to church, it was really good. Two of our investigators came. After church we went with Sister M and helped her do some visiting teaching. Then we went to the K's for dinner and guess what they fed us.. GATOR and TURTLE Soup! It was really good. The gator tasted like chicken and the turtle tasted like beef. We really enjoyed it! Today we are doing another Nerf War with our District, that should be fun. Well, that is all I have for this week. We went to see this less active named D.W. and she totally called me by my first name, it was so funny. We were eating lunch and she was talking and said to me "What about you Hannah?" hahaha I then answered. (I cant remember what she asked) but I about started to bust up, ha companion looked at me and started laughing. It was pretty funny. Well, I hope I have some more eventful stories for next week. I love you all and hope you have a great week.
I know that this church is so true and that God loves us and he wants what is best for us. We are given trials to get stronger. He knows that we can and will get through whatever we are going through. Never forget that no matter what, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us so much! I know this to be true. I hope y'all can feel it as well. I know that if we pray and have faith in him, then we can and WILL conquer anything. Stay strong everyone and always stay Happy. One of our District rules is to" BE HAPPY." Don't ever forget that! I love Y'all and pray for Y'all. Thanks for the love and support.
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist
P.S sorry this letter is kind of shorter than normal..

October 6, 2014 - Eventful Week

Monday, September 29, 2014

September 15, 2014 - I Saw a Turtle

Hey Y'all!
I will start with Monday of last week. We emailed and then went shopping. Then we wrote letters and some other fun stuff. Then we went to dinner at a members home, she made us these Louisiana pork sandwiches. They where pretty good!  After we went to D. and C.'s and visited with them. Then we  did our planning. The people here in Navarre are some of the nicest people I think I have ever met! The ward is great and I just love it!
 Tuesday we went and visited R. and Sister A. she is a less active. Then went to dinner at the H's. Afterwards we helped out with the young women's activity, which as family history stuff.
 Wednesday we worked at the thrift store. Then we came home and had lunch! I had a horrible headache and my comp was sick so we rested for the last little bit of lunch hour! Then we went to visit A. but she wasn't home so we just did 12 week.  That I will tell y'all is just so great! hahaha... anyway we went and saw a less active named V. who just has had a hard last couple of years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about like a month or two ago and her family just pretty much disowns her, it is really sad.
We are going to be working with her! Then we went to see A. but she canceled on us, so then we tried another less active who didn't even live at the address on the ward roster, she never lived there, so it was weird.
 Then we saw a potential outside named G. so we talked to him and he came to church last week, but he went to the wrong time and wasn't dressed so he left. He was supposed to come this week but he didn't.  Then we talked to some other really nice people.  I am pretty sure they where drunk but we talked with them for a while, at first they tried to scare us off by telling us that they like to strangle little girls, we just laughed because we knew they where lying and then they took our card after we talked for about 20 minutes. They asked us a ton of questions so we will see if anything comes out of it.  Then we went to dinner at the stake presidents house. He is actually in Africa so it was just his wife home. Then we went and saw brother C. who is a less active and then C. and D. we set up an return appointment, because it was late!
Thursday we visited some members and then went and met with R. he had his baptism interview and he passed. We also talked to him about the Priesthood. While Elder B. was doing the interview Sister Strickland and I talked to Elder Y. who I was in the MTC with. The interview lasted about an hour! R. loves to talk and tell stories! We came home and had dinner then correlation meeting, then we went to a Relief Society activity.
Friday we biked to M.Y's and had lunch with her. We had some delish meatball sandwiches. We did some scripture study with her, we talked about virtue. Then we biked to some less actives and potentials not to many people were home or they were "busy". Then we biked and met with a less active who we are teaching the lessons to and that went really, really, well. Then we went and did a cookout with D. and C. We had a ton of food, it was great! I am getting a lot more comfortable talking to people, which makes me happy.
Saturday, we went to Sister W's for lunch then went to the thrift store and then went to lunch with sister C. she took us to a Italian place, it was good! Then we went to a baptism in Milton for a family Sister Strickland taught there.  The spirit was super strong and it was good! It was a dad and two of his sons.  Then Sister L. and Sister A. took us to "Texas Roadhouse" and we went with the Milton sisters also. That was a lot of fun! I'm telling you, the ward members here are the nicest people!
Sunday we went to church and 4 of our investigators couldn't come because the kids where sick but R. came and that was good. We then did weekly planning and then went to the S. families home for dinner and that was good! They have 5 kids under the age of 10 and the youngest is 5, they are a great family. We had a lot of fun with them, after we went and saw C. and D.  I love them! Then we had "companionship inventory" that was fun!  This week was great and it went by faster than a burning freight train. I just want everyone to know that I love this gospel and it its so true! Also, everyone should read the talk "walking in circles".  I love you all and hope you know that I pray for all of you! Thank you for the support and for the love! Oh,  I saw a turtle. I like turtles. Love you and hope y'all have a wonderful week!
Love you!
Love, Sister Seegrist

September 29, 2014 - Bike Crash

Hey y'all!
 I hope you have had a great week! This week was a week of "Hannah Struggles".
 Monday we went to the beach an y'all know me, I  am just an awkward human being sometimes.
 Tuesday was just really long....we had district meeting, which went well. Sister Strickland and I had to teach. We also did OYMed, we talked to 18 new people and got 5 potential investigators. Then we went to see our recent convert R. he is doing good. His wife is going to start taking the lessons and we are super excited about that. She is super sweet! After we went to dinner with the D. family.  Man, oh man their kids are HYPER! Their 3 year old talks faster than a preacher talking about the end of the world! haha... She is super cute!
 Wednesday we worked at the thrift store and then we went to this delish sandwich place called "All American Hero's." it was really good! Afterwards we went to see C.  We then did OYMed,  then we came home for dinner. I started getting sick! I felt so sore and my throat hurt, it was something else. We went to a lesson with N.  her boyfriend came in and was like hey "I'm going to the" Tom Thumb." do you sisters want  anything?" we just said back "if they have Reese Peanut Butter Cup or Oreo just let us know." He came back and said that they didn't have the ones we wanted so he got us birthday cake ones. They are really nice people. Lol. Then we went and taught the C.'s. That went good.  
 Thursday, I was super sick and I couldn't even move. Thank goodness we didn't have any appointments, because I really felt like I could just die. We did get to watch "Nora's Christmas Gift." great movie, btw. I  want y'all to know that prayer really works. I was praying all day that I would feel better so we could go to our dinner appointment at 5pm. The whole day I was like, nope that isn't happening. But at about 4:30, I felt so much better. It was a real tender mercy. The Lord does listen to our prayers and helps us.
We went to our dinner appointment so that was good. Then we went to our correlation meeting (another place that I really I needed to feel better for)  then we went to our appointment with the K's. which went good! I didn't feel sick at all. When we got home the medicine had worn off and I felt like my head was going to explode, but we got what we needed to done. 
Friday was a extreme "Hannah Struggles" Day. We biked to M. Y's house and on our way we saw one of our investigators who we haven't seen in like 2 weeks. He yelled out "Sisters!!" I look and started waving to him, when I looked forward my companion had stopped (and just so you know we were going really, really fast, because we where late)  she stopped and of course me being me, didn't see her.  I slammed on my brakes but I still hit the back of her bike, my back tire was about 3 feet off of the ground! No joke,  that was the first time I have ever gone over the handle bars.  It was all kind of in slow motion.  I was just sitting on the ground laughing.  When I stood up, I realized that I screwed up my knee pretty bad. Haha, it was gushing blood, but it was totally fine. When we  went over to our investigator's house he was laughing so hard. It didn't really hurt, but all I could think about was what my face looked like as this sister missionary in a skirt is flying through the air.  Our investigator was like "are you going to be alright?" I was like, "yeah I'm fine."  He then he said "you country girl, dust the dirt off your back." Haha it was a pretty epic accident! haha. Anyway we got to M's house and she is like "Oh my gosh, come inside" There were some ward members at her house, so it was actually pretty embarrassing. Lol
 After we  went to R's house and he just pointed out the fact that I am a "Big boned women with wide shoulders." So yeah... then we went and taught C. and D. the gospel of Jesus Christ. They pretty much just laughed at my bike crash.  D. was the one that saw it all happen.. anyway that was a eventful day. 
 Saturday we had a ward barbque at the beach, that was fun. Then we went and did service at the thrift store. Later we  went to the women's broadcast in Pensacola. C. and her Daughter B. came so that was good. I met Krissy's sister! She looks just like her. It was cool to see her. Then we came home and sister K. and C. and B. brought us Krispy Kreme's. I'm telling you the members here are great!
 Sunday was a good day. Sister Strickland and I were asked to bear our testimonies. R's wife came to church and so did A.  Then we came home and went to our dinner appointment.  After we went to A's house and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We asked him to be baptized and he said yes. He doesn't want to pick a date yet because he wants to learn the rest of the lessons first, but he is a really great investigator. So this week was good and full of excitement. I don't have time to email y'all who emailed me this week. We only have an hour to email this week and I only have about 6 minutes left.   I love you all and want you to know that I read all of your letters. I hope you have a great week! Be the best you can be! God loves you! I love you! Jesus Christ loves you! You are loved.. #SHARETHELOVE #DONTCRASHYOURBIKE. I  love y'all,
Love, Sister Seegrist

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 - R's Baptism

Hey Y,all!
This week was great, as always!
Monday we just emailed and wrote letters. Tuesday we went to Pensacola for zone training, which was good. We talked about having faith and teaching by the spirit.  I saw one of my MTC companions.. On our way home from training we got caught in a really bad storm. A sister from Gulf Breeze Ward was driving us. We could hardly see out the front window. We  missed our exit and here in Florida there is about 13 miles between each exit.  So we completely ended up near Crestview which is out of our zone but it was all good and it was a great adventure. We  got back to Navarre and went to teach Andrew S. He is our investigator. His wife is a member and he just has had so many contacts with missionaries but never wanted to take the lessons. Something his daughter said to him made him change his mind. His wife really wants to get sealed by next November. But she doesn't want to push him. But after hearing what his daughter said he wanted to take the lessons.  So we taught him the restoration it went good. Then we went to the T's house for dinner.  We went with sister T. to see a sister that she visit teaches. They are less active, then we did 12 week. On Wed. we went and did service at the thrift store, which was good. Then we went and met with C.. we taught her the law of Chastity. That went pretty good.  After we went and taught a lesson with R.  Sister L. came along also, that went well.  She speaks Spanish so they just spoke Spanish a lot of the time.  We talked about temple marriage and missionary work and service, then we had dinner. After dinner we went and taught N. She is a less active who we are teaching the lessons to. We taught her The Plan of Salvation. Then we went to see the C.'s. They are less active as well,  they are the nicest people! So on Thursday we went to sisters R. house and helped make candles with her. She has her own business where she puts jewelry and money and stuff in her candles. So we helped her for 3 hours. We then went and saw C. again.  We  went to the Young's for dinner which was nice. After that we had our correlation meeting then after that we met with R.  On Friday we worked stuff out for R.'s baptism.  Then we went to Michelle Y.'s house for lunch. We talked with her about gratitude. and remembering to thank the lord for everything we have. For the many blessings we already have instead of just keep asking him for more, say thanks first..etc. later we went and met with R. again and told him everything for his baptism. We went and visited with Sister A. she gave us some cookies and we just talked with her. She is another less active. Then went over to Sister W. house.  She is super sweet but is kind of a  strange situation. She is leaving her husband but I won't go into details.  She is less active as well, we went to see her and eat some cake with her. We watched the "Reflections of Christ." if y'all haven't seen it, somehow find a way to watch them they are great!Then we went to the H.'s house for dinner. They are super nice, we  went to visit with sister C. Her husband is less active and he is currently in Germany working. We met with her. She has the cutest kids! (everyone's kids are cute here).  Saturday we worked at the thrift store then we had R.'s baptism. It was stressful at first but it all turned out good. His wife came which was really good.  We started filling up the font and we left and started setting up in the other room. We went to check the water and it was yellow, like a nasty, nasty yellow. Everyone was showing up and it takes about on hour to fill up the font, so we asked R. if he wanted to go to the beach or do it in the nasty water. He said as long as it was wet he didn't care, so we just did it in the font. It all turned out nice. The talks where  good, Sister L. and Brother R. spoke.  After  the baptism, we went to the M.s for dinner and that was good. The dad really likes hot sauce and I told him about dads hot sauce and he kept saying. " I really like your dad" It was funny! Afterwards we  tried to visit some less actives but no one answered or was home. Florida State was playing football and everyone is really big fans of them here.. wonder why.. anyways. Then we cleaned our apartment because it was super gross! On Sunday we went to church and R. got confirmed, his wife came as well. We are hoping to start teaching her soon. But the confirmation was good, Brother C.(same one who baptized him) confirmed him. Funny story, he was actually suppose to deploy like two weeks ago, but they kept delaying it and we think it was so he could baptize him. lol. After having a great time at church we went to the Smith's families home and they fed us lunch. We then had a GREAT lesson with A.! We taught the Plan of Salvation and then we talked about eternal families. After we finished teaching we sat there in silence and after a little bit we asked him if this was something he wanted. He quietly said yes. His wife started bawling. He was trying not to cry. My companion and I started tearing up. He just held her as she was crying. She has been trying to get him to investigate the church for the longest time, but she never pushed him. She always tells him that if he has questions save them for the missionaries. That was  just a really, really, sweet experience this week. These would be the reasons I Love being a missionary! So after that we went to the L.'s for dinner that was good. We visited the N. family. They are less actives as well. They are super nice! We talked with them and then we went home and did 12 week and daily planning. So today we went to this Mexican place to eat with the sisters from Milton Florida and the sisters from Brewton Alabama. Then we went to Navarre Beach! It is probably the prettiest beach, I think I have ever been too. The water is just so clear and so pretty. Well that is all that has happened this week.  I love you all so much! Oh, I want all of you to read the talk by President Thomas S Monson titled "Are we prepared" it is in the new September Ensign. It is really great! I know that this church is true. I can feel it every single day. I know that what our prophet says is true and that we need to follow his teachings. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that if you read it and pray about it, you will receive an answer for yourself. I know that God loves every single one of his children and he watches over all of us. I know that prayer is so powerful and that it is so important. I say that is the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.
 I love y'all so much and miss you all like crazy!  I can feel the blessings already. Oh, and I have been in Navarre for 1 month now. Hehe! Well, I love you and hope y'all have a great week.
Love, Sister Seegrist

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 08, 2014 - Raccoon's and Destin Beach

So this week went by so fast!  Oh, and a saw a real live raccoon.. hehe. My life is almost complete! It will be once I see a gator and a bear! haha.  So this lady is our ward took us to Destin last p-day and it is so pretty. We took pictures on the beautiful beaches. We also went to the outlet malls there.  She took us to McGuire's which is this Irish pub. There are only two in the whole world. They have 1.4 million dollars hanging up.. we put a dollar up that had we wrote down and on hehe... then we put it on the wall. You will have to look up the place it is super awesome! After we  came back and went to teach B. and J. but they were "busy" so we just dropped off some clothes from the other sisters. We went to see some less actives and this one lady was like yelling at us because we didn't call first.. but we weren't even trying to see her in the first place.. haha anyways that was good.   Tuesday we had district meeting which was good!  After that we went and visited some less actives again.. then we went to D. and C. and taught them about baptism. They both want to work towards it. Later we went to R. and re-committed him to baptism. He is getting baptized on the 20th of this month. Then we went and visited some more less actives and did some street contacting! I am telling you, I have never biked so much in my whole life combine! I love it!  Tuesday we talked to a group of like 5 people who where so drunk it was super funny. One lady  said we could come back and then when we did she was sleeping, so we will see if we go see her again.. Wednesday we did service at the thrift store.. Mom, Charity and Aryn, I am pretty sure you would all love this store! ..Hehe.  Later that day we went to see A. who is a non active member who we are trying to get to come back to church! She just has troubles with Joseph Smith and prophets. We are working with her though. Later we  went on exchanges and I went to Milton for the rest of the day! We taught some less actives and recent converts, that was good. When I got back on Thursday we went and  saw R. again.  then we went to the H. for dinner. They really are a awesome family!  Then we had correlation meeting and let me tell you... the cockroaches here are HUGE! There were some just crawling round the Relief Society room. The Elders freaked out more than I did.. haha even though it was creepy.. haha  Then we went and visited more less actives.. on Friday we went to M. Y. house for lunch. She feeds us every Friday, she is so nice! We talked with her and did some scripture study with her. She is really nice, her husband passed away about a year and a half ago. Then we did weekly planning  then we biked to Sister L.'s for dinner. She is so kind as well. we also brought food that Sister L. made to a non member family. We are hoping to teach them sometime. So funny story, we went and saw R. and we drove this time and when we pulled up the wife thought we were cops ( we drive a super nice Chevy Cruz.) so we knocked on the door and we hear all of this noise and this a few minutes later someone opens the door and there is no one in the house.. so he sees us and is like "Oh, he will be right out," so when he came out everyone was just chilling on the couch.. haha he told us that his wife got up and ran and hid.. haha keep in mind she is like 65 haha and this larger black lady.. haha it was so funny! I love the people here!  Saturday we had kind of a really cool day, our investigators D. and C. don't have a working car, but we have an awesome ward and brother K. came and fixed their car for them. It was so awesome, we were able to visit with them for a while when they where fixing the car. Sister K. is 23 and is expecting a baby. She is in the Air force (just like EVERYONE here in Navarre) but she is getting out in November. They are a really awesome couple! They are ward missionaries! So after they fixed their car we went to another lesson with R. and Sister K.Y.  came with us to that lesson and it was awesome! After that my companion and I were so hungry, so we went to the Waffle house and the waitress asked if we where Jehovah Witnesses. We said "No we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!" Then we started to talk  with her.  She is confused about churches right now and wanted to meet with us. We are going to her house on Wednesday. It was super awesome! She also said that her sister might have some questions for us.. we are hoping it all goes well. Anyway,  I saved the best day for last.. SUNDAY! We had 4 investigators come to church! D. , C. and her kids all came! They stayed the whole time and loved it! They said they are excited to come back next week! R. was supposed to come but his wife had to got to the ER but he is coming next week.. Then we planned some more on Sunday and then we went to C.and D. house, because we didn't get to talk to them after church. They left with the member they came with so fast.. They are such awesome people! We  got stuck at their house because it started storming super bad.. and we had biked to their house. but Sister L.. came and picked us up. because we had a dinner appointment with her! We ate dinner with them and the C.'s they are another super awesome couple, they are around  22 and 24.  They gave us a ride back to our bikes and we biked home!  This whole week was really good and it went by so fast! I hope y'all had a wonderful week! I love you all and thank you all so much for the support and everything! I know that this church is so true and I know that my life would not be the same without it! I know that our Father in Heaven loves and knows us personally. I know that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today and he leads and guides us.  I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 01, 2014 - Half Mission Conference Elder Zwick

Hey everyone!
This week has been good. It went by so fast, but it feels like it was forever ago from last Monday! Tuesday we biked and contacted, my companion was sick so we didn't get out until later, but it's all good. Wednesday we had a half mission conference and Elder Zwick came and spoke, it was really good! He talked a lot about getting members involved and staying focused on the work, it was really good. It was also good to see some of my old MTC friends. Thursday we taught R., he is an older guy who was about to get baptized but he had to wait for a legal issue to resolve.  He is a  smoker and we need to get him to stop and start coming back to church, because he has a wonderful testimony but he just has some stuff to take care of before he can get dunked. So we then biked everywhere! I have bike almost my whole area. Just have to bike area 10 and 11 but we will get those this week. We get fed all the time here. The ward members are so friendly. This one guy in our ward bought us pizza for when we had some other  sisters who were staying in our house over half mission conference. He always ask us do you have food? Oh, I almost forgot, we had a wonderful church tour with our awesome investigators D. and C. They loved it! They have 2 kids both have Autism but it is very mild and they are awesome kids. They were suppose to come to church but their son got sick so they couldn't. But it is probably best they didn't because it was all on temples and I think that would have scared them, we haven't talked about that yet. Friday we taught them again and told them about the Book of Mormon. Actually only C. was there this time but she loved it and was so excepting of it. They really are just ready to learn. She also loved hearing about Joseph Smith and it made so much sense to her and D.  Saturday we biked around and talk to everyone which we do everyday anyways. We biked to the beach here and that was nice..  I loved it! Yesterday we went to church all week I had this feeling that I would see someone I  knew at church but I was like nah that won't happen.. then I am sitting there and the family in front of me looked so familiar I was like "Oh my gosh it's that Caplin dude! ha..ha... I wasn't really sure, then they were signing, so I knew it was them. That was pretty cool! I got some pictures with them. After church were at home for lunch and we were just laying down cause we still had about 30 minutes left of our lunch hour and my companion said to me " My best friend is going to be in Destin tomorrow" (That is where we are going today) She said "I wish I could just run into her but it is so big it will never happen.." not even 2 minutes later we hear a knock at the door and there is this older couple standing there like they were lost. We looked down and there were balloons and candy on our doorstep and the guy was like "Someone left you something." we were like, who are these people.  the guy was like " Who do I look like? I am brother..... so in so.." My companion was like " OH MY GOODNESS IS SHE HERE????" her best   
friend was there and came to see her... haha, just cause they were here in Navarre. Yesterday was a pretty weird day!... haha but it was good one and none of it was planned... haha. Today we are going to Destin as I mentioned before, a lady in our ward is taking us. We are at her house using her computers because the library is closed so we got permission to email at a members house. I will try and send some more pictures next week because I don't really know how to send them off o this laptop. I love you all so much and thank you all for the support! I know the church is true! I know that families can be together forever and that we have a living prophet on the earth today! I love you all and will write you next week!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014 - All Capitols

P.S I like any kind of candy and food

Friday, August 22, 2014

August 18, 2014 - Last day in the MTC!

HEY Everyone!!
How y'all doing? How is the human life? I hope everyone is doing well. So this week has gone by so flipping fast! I am leaving the MTC tomorrow! This is so exciting! So I will try and tell you everything that happened this week! So on Wednesday we went to class and taught our progressing investigators. Which were Harley and Everett. They both committed to baptism! Then we just hung out as a district and studied and studied and studied, oh and studied! Haha, then we taught another investigator named Leah White! I don't know if she is really a member. I don't think she is because she just pretty much tore us apart and told us we were selfish and we didn't believe in Christ and we were liars and so on. We can't just stop teaching the TRC Investigators so we just kept a good positive attitude. She then said sorry and so on.. anyways! So we then went back and had district study. I really do have the best district! We all get along so well! I will try and send some pictures next week. We have to have a card reader here at the MTC which I don"t have. So, my teachers are super friendly. There is Brother Gleason, he has been home from his mission for about a year and a half and he is married! He is super awesome! He always says he is just soo PUMPED! Its awesome! Our other teacher is Brother Baker, he has been home for about 1 year! He is getting married in about 11 days! Which is a real shame.. Haha Jk... but.... not really... anyways! We also had some sub teachers who where super friendly! So the rest of the week we just went to class and taught our investigators. That all went good! On Sunday, we had a departing missionary fireside and that was so boring. Haha, I may or may have not fell sleep during that. When I woke up the Elder next to me was like "Sister Seegrist, did you have a nice nap?" Haha awkward! Haha, Then went to another fireside which was AWESOME! Jenny Oaks Baker came and played the violin and spoke with us. If you don't know who she is look her up. She is a great violist! She is also Dallin H. Oaks daughter. Oh, and Dallin H. Oaks wife was also there. Anyway, it was a really good fireside! After that my district went back to our classroom and the Elders gave us blessings. Which was super nice! They are all such great young men! These where the first blessings they had ever given. Their hands where shaking so bad! Elder Funk is is the one who gave me my blessing, he did an awesome job! I really do love all the Elders in our District and in the other District. Haha, It was cute but funny! There are some other Elders in the new district that DRIVE ME CRAZY! They are just a bunch of COCKY high school football players... hahaha! After the blessings we watched Mormon Messages in our classroom. That was nice! Today we get to email and do laundry and pack for tomorrow! We have to be to the travel office at 3:30 A.M which means we have to be up at like 2 a.m. Haha anyways, sleep really is my best friend.. Even though I don't get to spend much time with it. Haha, whatever I'm still loving the mission!! !Oh yeah! I had to give a talk in church on Sunday haha..... that was really special of me.. I need some serious help sometimes.. Oh and I met A's old girlfriend! Haha, I asked where she was from and I was like "No way did you know A?" She then was like"YES!" Haha, I was like "he is my cousin" she then said "I have totally kissed your cousin" Haha, that was pretty funny! Anyways I also met some sisters going to Rancho on their missions! I told them to say "hi" to the family! Anyway, I am almost out of time! But I love you all so very much! Thank you all for the support! I miss you! I know this church is true and I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and restored the fullness of the gospel on the earth today! I know that we have a living prophet who leads and guides us! I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve a mission! I love it and know it is what I am needed to do! You are all so great! I am sure I missed some stuff but there is always so much to remember! I love you all and wish you all the best of luck in whatever you do! Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist PS. I will send you my new address once I get it! And I think packages need to go to my address not the mission home. I will let you know for sure once I know. Anyways.. LOVE YOU All! Hug hug kiss kiss. Big hug. Big kiss. Little hug Little kiss.... Big hug.. little kiss..

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 8, 2014 - Hannah's First Email!!!

Hey everyone! 
How is everyone doing!? I am doing good here at the MTC. I love it here! I have by far the best zone ever! We all get along so well. So, I have two comps their names are Sister Rohwer and she is from Logan Utah. Then there is Sister McHan and she is from Ruppert Idaho. They are both really nice and fun! So my first day after I got kicked to the curb, I checked in and took my luggage to my room. I then went straight to class. That was fun. t]Then we did some welcoming stuff and then went to dinner. We sat with our district. After that we went and did a zone activity where we just got to know each other.  Our zone leaders where all going to Tempe Arizona. They are super fun! They actually all left  this morning. We will miss them! The second day we woke up and went to district study and then had class. We did some role plays with some of our investigators. That was neat. I still have so much to learn. After that we went and I cant really remember what we did. it was forever ago.. The days feel so long but when they are over they have gone by pretty fast. So for the rest of the week we role played and learned more about what we are teaching. My district now knows that I get in moods and laugh at everything. On Saturday we were doing some computer stuff but we did the wrong thing, we laughed for about an hour. On Sunday we went to church and that was good. That evening we had a devotional and it was really good Richard Heaten came and spoke. He had some missionaries get up and tell about there conversion stories. It was really cool! Then we watched a video by David Bednar. That was really awesome as well. So then yesterday we met two more of our investigators. Oh yeah, we committed the other two from last week to baptism which was awesome! Anyways so one of the investigators name is Leah white. Sister Dunford actually taught her as well. We talked about her for a little bit. Leah is an Evangelical Christian. She is super friendly and funny. So after we taught her we went back to our classroom and "Studied" We mostly just did more bonding as a district. We all laughed so hard. I honestly cant remember what we even where talking about. But it was good to laugh. Well I love you all so much and would love to hear from all of you! And if you could forward this email that would be so great! Oh yeah, I leave for the airport on the 19th at 3:30 in the morning, so mom and dad keep your phones on I will call you! Thank you all for the support! I love you all and miss you! The church is true! Don't forget to spread the gospel! Love you and write you next week when I am in the field!
Love, Sister Seegrist

Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24, 2014 - I'm Heading Out in 14 days! :)

My name is Hannah Seegrist! I am headed to the Florida Tallahassee Mission! I created this blog so my family can read my letters and see pictures from my mission! My mom and sister's will be posting my letters for me, once I enter the MTC.
I am so happy to go and serve! I know it is what I need to do! I am so happy to know that my Savior loves me and hears my prayers. I know that I will be with my family for time and all eternity! I am happy to know that! I know Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today and leads and guides us. I love this church so much and can't imagine e my life without it. I am so grateful for my family and friends. I am so grateful for all the support that I have from my friends and family. I am so happy to go and do the things the Lord commands. I love you all!
Love Hannah! :)