Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014 "The Giraffe was Creeping!"

So to start off, this was THE FASTED WEEK EVER!
Time just flies by like you wouldn't believe! It doesn't seem like it was last week when I emailed y'all..
It really has just been a CrAzY week!! We got dumbed by our "Investigator." She told us to  "Google the Momentum]Church, it's awesome Rock and Role" They teach mega anti-Mormon stuff and I'm pretty sure people only go because it's on the beach sometimes. Oh well, she has still been nice to us. She texted us and told us Happy Thanksgiving. Her heart will be softened someday, I'm sure! We also had some less actives that we have been working with tell us not to come over right now. Which is fine, I guess. In their own time, I suppose. So other then that roughness of the week. We had Zone Training in P-Cola. We then had Zone Activity. We played Football. That was a lot of fun! (kind of..) I looked like a dancing chicken, haha...We also had some lessons that day! :) We also had a great dinner with M. and V. They made us steak! We saw some less actives, we went tracting for the first time for me! It's so scary going up to doors.. it was fun though. So Friday marked my 3 months here in Navarre! It has been so great! I absolutely love it! I love the ward here and I love everyone we meet! We have met some pretty interesting souls.'
 We went to the Island yesterday! It was stormy all yesterday but when it cleared up a little we drove to the Island and saw a less active lady that lives over there. We also walked and looked at the water. It was so creepy looking! I have never seen the Gulf so angry! It looked like a bad day at the California beaches. It was dark and waves were crashing like there was a hurricane a'comin. Sketchy! haha, it was cool though. So today we are going out to lunch with the B. They are the senior couple in Brewton, AL. They are coming to take us to this BBQ place. #Carnivore.  I can't believe that this week is Thanksgiving! This year went by so fast! I remember what I did last Thanksgiving. It is going to be weird not being with family over the holidays, but I hear that it just doesn't feel like they happened, haha. 
 So I heard a quote this week that is so true! It goes "95% of missionary work is awkward the other 5% is extremely awkward" So true! haha... I have come to the conclusion that I really just don't care anymore if it is awkward, it's fun!
Oh, there is this little girl in our ward, who is the cutest little thang. We were telling her about how we went to the zoo and she was like "the giraffe was creepin'" She is 2 years old,  ya gotta love little E.
Sorry this letter is just all over the place. Oh, did I mention it rained for like 2 days straight? I love the rain! haha umm lets see.... If any of y'all have any questions, feel free to ask. That may make the letters more exciting to read. Well, I love y'all so much and I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Remember to stay happy and that GOD LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT! I love knowing that my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ love me!! Knowing that brings me so much peace. Knowing that they are always there for me.  I hope y'all can remember that! Also remember the things y'all are grateful for this week and fellow weeks to come! Something to always remember is to be grateful for is the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ! I know that, and  I truly am so grateful for that! I am also so grateful for all of you! Y'all have impacted me in some way or another! Thanks for all that y'all do! I love you! Have a AMAZING THANKSGIVING~

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