Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 10, 2014 - New Companion Sister Cooper

Hey Y'all!
 How was everyone's week? I hope good. My week was good! Even though it was sad to see Sister Strickland, leave it was still good!
 Monday we just packed and enjoyed our p-day. Tuesday Sister Strickland said goodbye to a lot of people. That was fun! We also had District Meeting which was fun. Sister Alder and Elder Young got transferred. We will miss them. Elder Young went to Pascagoula, Mississippi and Sister Alder went to Bristle, Florida.
 Wed. we had transfers . I got my new companion her name is Sister Cooper she is from Vacaville, California. She goes home in 2 transfers as well. I feel I will be In Navarre for a while. It was actually really funny. Sister Strickland and I where talking before we left to Crestview (transfer spots) and she said that Sister Cooper was going to be my new companion. Sister Cooper had a dream a few months ago that we were companions, lol... and we where sitting right next to each other. 
Thursday we just visited some less actives and did weekly planning then we had correlation meeting. Same old stuff. 
 Friday we saw R. and E. She is getting baptized!!!!! On January 10th. Yay! She is so great!!! We also went and saw V. The Elder's came and gave her a blessing! That was really neat! She was really grateful for it!
Saturday we did the usual, the thrift store, we did OYM (open your mouth) and it was super cold, so it wasn't super effective because no one was outside. Let me tell y'all less actives are the way in! We have worked some great miracles with them. We saw sister R. the other day and she was only active in the church for a year (she has been a member for like 15 years) . I asked her who she would like to say the pray and she thought I asked if she would say it. She was like "I guess I will try my best." she then said a wonderful prayer! Also the part member families are wonderful as well! I love this area and this great work!!! I hope you all are having a great week!! Oh yeah, Sunday we just did the usual, just the same old stuff.. . Except the dream to become a pro race car driver is still there!! I know what I want to do with my life after the mish.. I have connections now!you're laughing now, but when I'm rolling in the doe.. who will be the one laughing.. ;) well, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! Thanks for everything! Your all super great!!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist.

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