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Jan. 25, 2015

Hey, That was my comp for yall.
She is great actually!
So this week wasn't anything super exciting. So this week for us was a little slower, but it was good. We had a missionary broadcast. It was a world wide broadcast to just missionaries. The spirit was so strong when we were all singing because we knew there was over 50,000 missionaries singing as well.  There was a lot of things in it that I think I really needed to hear. I really loved how they talked about how the most important work going on right now is missionary work. I think it is super awesome to be apart of that.

 We did finally get to have a lesson with one of our investigators! Which was really nice. She is 75. We were talking about The Book of Mormon with her and she is super excited to learn more.

We did a lot of service this week. That is always fun! Keeps us super busy here. There are a lot of people who need it here. We got to go on splits with the STLs. They did it a little weird. We all just went to their area. Which was cool. They are on a college campus. So we just talked to people ALL day! All of our apt's fell through, but it was super cool because we were able to have 2 lessons with random people, we met off campus. They were both super interested in learning more. The lord really does provide a way. I learned a lot from them too.
This week we did a lot of walking! Which was really good. It got a little cold here the last few days! Which is always a shock here in Florida..But it does get cold here every winter.  Nothing really else happened this week. I am so grateful for this week though. I have really learned a lot. I want to just leave y'all with this really good quote.
“I would hope, I would pray, that each of us … would resolve to seek those who need help … and lift them in the spirit of love into the embrace of the Church, where strong hands and loving hearts will warm them, comfort them, sustain them, and put them on the way of happy and productive lives.”—Gordon B. Hinckley,
I hope y'all have a wonderful week! Keep the Faith! Love you!
Love, Sister Seegrist

Jan. 18, 2016

Hey y'all, Sorry I am almost out of time!! but I just want y'all to know the church is true and that I am so grateful to be serving here in beautiful Tallahassee. This week we did a lot of service and walked a ton, which has been really fun! We had some fun times! Sister Bushnell and I get along really well and we are pretty much the same person and its rather FREAKY at times!  But I know I am needed here with her and in this Wonderful area! I am super excited to see what the Lord has in store for this area and what I am to learn here.. I have already learned so much! I am so excited to finish my last few weeks on the mission STRONG~ Again sorry this is so short but we are out of time! I love you! and Remember to KEEP THE FAITH!
ps.. Sorry for not sending pics.. I don't have a way on these new computers! 
Love y'all! 
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist 

Jan. 11, 2016

Hey yall,
This week has been so crazy!!! So this email will probably be all over the place and probably be super short..
So Monday we packed all day.We had dinner with a non member that we served ice cream with at the rehab center.
Tuesday we had a nice last district meeting. We had lunch with some members and said goodbye to a lot of people! I am going to miss that place very much! But I know I am needed in Tally.
Wed. was crazy long! We didn't have to go to transfers until 4 and then I didn't get to Tally until about 730 or so. But it all worked out really well. My new comp is Sister Bushnell. She is from St George. She is super awesome!
So the next few days were crazy and a blur my comp was sick and we had a lot of planning stuff to do. I don't really know what happened.. haha
My ward is really big and everyone are doctors or some other really high profession. This is the biggest town that I have served in.. So much traffic..
Sorry this email is really dumb.....
So I guess I will just end it.....with a funny story.. haha
So yesterday we were 15 min's. late to church! haha which is a big NO! NO! for missionaries.... So we thought it was ward conference, my comp was told it started at 10.. so at 9:05 the elders texted us and asked if we were here. haha yeah, we still got the there kind of in time..  haha but it was all good. Makes me laugh.. Sorry I am super boring..

Good news is I am alive and that's all that matters..
Hope my email is better next week...
Love y'all!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

Jan. 04, 2016

Hey y'all,
This week was been so nuts!!! So much happened but it was so great! 
We got to see one of our less actives who had their baby. she is adorable! 
We had some CRAZY weather this week. lots and lots of rain. half our area flooded.. 
We had apt checks and we then went of splits with the head STL's. Or the Sister Apt's which was weird. They never do that... But it was really fun! It was only for a few hours and we just all stayed in Bonifay and worked. :) We had an amazing lesson with Terra. We taught her the Restoration and she was so open! She really loved learning about the Priesthood and the miracles that it can do. I know she is so prepared she just needs to see that faith that she has! We still had some crazy crazy weather all week... But on Thursday we biked.. because we had no miles.. haha it was a bit wet but we had fun and we were safe.. all we can say is we were so tired by the time we had to be in(5). So we planned and went to bed a bit early. Some epic new years party... haha.
We had a really cool thing happen this week. 
So on Friday we planned to see a lot of formers and potentials so we were out working and no one was home!  We came home to grab something and then headed back out.. while we were home I said a little prayer that we would at least find someone who needed/wanted to talk to us.. 
So we had this one lady down but we didn't have the right address so we saw this house that we thought well maybe she lives there.. So we knocked on the door and this lady opens the door a little and see us, then opens it more and starts talking to us.. She was like "Do you want to come in" We were like sure.. At this point we didn't know if this was the lady we were looking for or some one else. So we told her our names and what we were out doing. She then told us her name was Christian, (not the lady we were looking for) But she was so nice. She let us teach her and talk. She said we could we come by anytime and that she might come to church! 
That was a super dragged on story. but it was cool
We then had some other cool visits!
 Our investigator Liz almost dropped us.. but she said as she was texting us she felt that she really shouldn't... #thespiritisreallyworkin.
We had another really cool thing happen this week. On Saturday we were trying to see this less active guy who we've tried to see a few times.. and we always get his sister.. So a few weeks ago we gave her a family history card an asked her to check it out... So when we went back she was like " I looked at the site and she had so much luck! she is super excited to find more! So we set up a time to come back and help her with that.. :) 
last but not least.. ARIEL CAME TO CHURCH! Finally! After the opening song. She walked in and we about started to cry! That was great! 
So the biggest news of all..... I am getting transferred! I am headed to Tallahassee! I am excited but sad. I have loved serving in Bonifay. it is such a special place and I have grown a lot here. I know I am needed in Tally and am super excited for this new adventure! :) The lord knows what we need and where we are needed! He really does know us personally! I sure love y
all and hope y'all have a wonderful week! 
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist 

Dec. 28, 2015

Hey y'all!
I hope y'all had a wonderful Merry Christmas! We got put on tornado watch for a few hours and had to stay inside, that was pretty exciting. Good thing we were okay.
So this week for us was interesting, but really good. So we set a BCD with one of our investigators L. We set it for Jan 16, because that is when we felt was right. So she said yes, but she had to come to church yesterday in order to keep it but  she didn't come. So now we have to push that back. But it all happens for a reason! We are praying that she will soon realize the importance of coming to church and all. She knows its true.
So we also had a great lesson with our gator Barbara. We planned on teaching her the Restoration and when we got there she was just talking to us and asked questions about sealing's and how she can seal her mom and dad together. So we felt we needed to teach her about Family History. It was actually a mega lesson. Because we had to teach her some other things to make sense of the Family History. I am pretty sure we taught her a little of the Restoration, POS, God Head ,temples, and family history. It was actually really good for her though. We asked her about  making these promises is something she would want and she said yes and asked about baptism. This was only our 2nd visit with her. So that was a miracle of the week. I can't think of any crazy stories from this week. It was super great talking to family and we had a great Christmas. We gave our Christmas tree to A. She deserved to have one.  The members here are so sweet to us and care so much for the missionaries. Some members did secret santa for some of our gators. She was determined it was us... haha.. She has 3 kids and didn't have much for Christmas. So lots of great things this week. I will have to think of some more crazy stories for you! haha That is about all that happened this week. I sure love y'all and hope you have a safe wonderful New Years! Make some good goals and stretch yourself, Set a goal to have a positive attitude, it is though Jesus Christ that we can truly be happy and have that attitude. Set that Goal to be more trusting in God and Jesus Christ and allow him to touch you some way this year! I love y'all and am so grateful to be a representative  of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is though him we can return with him and our families. Choose to labor and Choose to choose him!
Love y'all!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

Dec. 21, 2015

So this letter again will be super short because not a lot happened this week and I will be seeing most of y'all on Skype in a few days!
So on Monday I cut off about 6-7 inches of my hair.
Tuesday we had a really great time in Tallahassee for 1/2 mission conf. Sister Porter and I sang a duet in front of half the mission, it went pretty good. We then played a lot of minute to win it games and did some funny skits. There is a video of our mission singing on the blog if y'all want to check it out also a picture of my comp and I playing a min to win in game.. I am the one that looks like a cow.. 
We had a lot of fun. It was really good to see some other missionaries. We don't see a ton of those... since we are in the Bonifayboonies haha.... Its great! 
Wed. we did service and saw some good people, nothing too exciting.. except when one of our investigators was making their own smokes in the middle of our lesson.. Don't worry though,  I  think it was completely legal, it just smelled bad when they smoked them.
The rest of the week was pretty normal. Just saw some of our gators and some less actives. We are working with a few new less actives, well trying to. Hopefully we will be able to work more with them. 
Sunday we sang in church it was Chipley Ward and Bonifay Ward together so there was a lot of people there. But it went pretty well. A lot of people told us we did good. 
Yeah this week wasn't super eventful. Sorry, but that's okay, because the Gospel is still true and God still loves everyone of his Children. 
I hope and pray that y'all have a very Merry Christmas. Love y'all!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist 

Dec. 14, 2015

Hey y'all,
This week went by really fast, we went and had a lot of stuff to do this week. Tuesday we had zone training. We talked about family History and asking inspired questions,  it was really great! After zone training we got to go on exchanges. I got to go back to Callaway for a day, it was great to see some people. We had good exchanges though learned lots!
We invited our gator Liz to baptism, she said it would be something she would want to do... She said yes! So hopefully we will be able to set a date with her soon..
Interesting lesson.. we were sitting at someone's house, and talking with her. She is one of our investigators neighbors, who we have been trying to teach forever, but she never lets us. Y'all, southern people can talk your ear off... Gotta love 'em! She kept saying something like " y'all are bringing me down from this high I am on" haha we didn't catch on until later.... She was seriously high on drugs while we were trying to teach her. we were like "are you high" She was like "Oh just a little my daughter gave me two puffs of her joint and I have been high for 2 hours"  Oh my goodness. I won't go into detail, but it was really weird!
Sorry my letter is kind of lame, but I love y'all and hope y'all have a great week. Remember He is the reason for the season! Go watch "A Savior is born" It will change your life... if you let it.  Make sure y'all serve this season.
“Too often, charity is extended to another when his actions or conduct are acceptable to us. The exhibition of charity to another must not be dependent on his performance. It should be given because of who we are—not because of how we behave.”—H. Burke Peterson,
Have a happy week!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

Dec. 07, 2015


Nov. 30, 2015

Hey Y"all!
How was everyone's Day of Thanks?
This week was pretty good, we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughter. 
Monday we did a Turkey Bowl with the Elders in our District and had a wonderful dinner and family home evening with some really good fun members. The Bowens. Their family pretty much rules the ward! :) it's great! 
Tuesday we had a really good district meeting! We talked about remembering Lots wife and how we need not to look in the past but to always look forward, it was really good! We are going to miss our district! Since well we thought all of them were leaving.......until one of the Elders got transferred to a different area, but in the same district. Haha...  we had a really good lesson with Keith and Gloria. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. They took it pretty well. we then had a follow up lesson the Terra B. She is a 21 year old girl who had an adorable little 7 month old. We talked with her about the Book of Mormon. She said that she would read it. :) it's so wonderful to see the people we are working with starting to progress. 
Later on this week we had a really great lesson with our investigator Liz C. She is really great! We taught her the Plan of Salvation. She Knows its true! We asked her how she felt and she expressed she feels the chills and that she knows what we have taught is true! The spirit was oh so strong in that lesson. She could feel it and told us she feels it every time we come over.  
We had a nice Thanksgiving! We got to go to a few houses and spend time with some great members and non members and we played some good games that night. Lots of good food. 
We found a new gator named Barbara. We have had her down as a potential forever but we finally got to see her. She is so great! We got to just get to know her and her religious background. 
So we did have one crazy day on Saturday, we tried to be productive and go out biking.. first off we talked to this crazy man. I think his name was Hubbard? All we could understand was that someone's got the Devil on there mind....
We then were biking to see one of our Gators we haven't seen in FOREVER and my tire of course goes flat so my comp (since she is lighter than me) road my bike... lets just say we looked so dumb and when we got to her house she wasn't home.. we then were just walking home with this broken bike because at this point the tire was pretty much off the rim, so a member then picked us up and I fixed the dumb old thing. This is pretty much how my life goes... but I hope y'all enjoyed my really boring, all over the place letter.. But I sure love y'all and pray that y'all have a wonderful week! Never forget to rely fully on our Savior! :) 
Love, Sister Seegrist 

Nov. 23, 2016

Hey Yall,
So first off, Sister Porter and I are staying together for another transfer! :) We will be together for the holidays! So this week we did so much service. Monday our p-day was cut short. because we did service from 1-5:30 a member did take us to Alabama... which we didn't know was out of our area, she drove us to the Florida /Alabama line.. anyways we repented.
The rest of the week was pretty good we did service everyday this week. Tuesday we had a fantastic lesson with our investigator Ariel. She is progressing so well. Her faith is really growing and she is really putting her trust in God. We did a soft baptismal commitment with her. She said she would be scared she would disappoint God. We talked with her and told her God would never be disappointed in her. She said yes to baptism. She has a testimony of the plan of salvation. 
Its so amazing how God answers our prayers. Because that day was going to be a great day, then all apt.'s fell through.. But God still provided away. :) More service. We have been helping a recent convert move. We cleaned out her trailer she is moving into man, I wish I had a before and after.  We were on Tornado watch.... just a whole lot of rain? 
We had an interesting lesson with one of our gators.. lets just say... we dropped her.. she was just not being very nice. But that was really the only rough lesson.
I really can't complain about this week. We saw lots of really great miracles. Terra came to church! :) Only for the first part, but she was there.  I love y'all, have  a happy Thanksgiving and remember those things you are truly grateful for. 
Love, Sister Seegist

Nov. 16, 2016

Hey yall, This week was really good. We taught a lot of lessons. The work here is really coming along so nicely. This week we were able to see almost all of our investigators. YIPPY!! We also saw a lot of less actives!
We are teaching this part member family named the Smiths.. They are so awesome! They have a 16 year old and a 9 year old. The dad is a single dad. He is a member and they aren't. We were able to teach them the Restoration. They are reading the Book of Mormon and doing so well. I am so happy about their progression. This area is slow some weeks, but this week we were able to tell it is picking up a lot. A lot of our gators are coming along. We taught C. the Word of Wisdom. She has a struggle with smoking. as does everyone and there dog in the south... But she took it really well. Don't know how strong her desire to quit is yet.. but we are working on her.. :)
So we had Zone Training in Lynn Haven. That was really good. Lots of really great things taught by our leaders. They show such love to us.. We got to hear from our stake president he taught about less actives. :) it was also really nice seeing some other missionaries! :)
So this week my companion and I got hit on a few times, the first time was while we were at a less actives house, we meet outside because of family stuff and her nephew who is maybe 10 opened the window from inside the house and looks at me and is like " Oooooooo Gorgeous" That made us laugh really hard, then went to visit a potential and her son walks up and opens the door for my companion and my companion is like "Thank you" He was like " You're welcome princess" He was like 8.... haha.. then our creeper D. was checking my comp out and got the creepiest of creepy smiles on his face... Then last but most definitely not least..... We went to see this referral and we were like " Would there be another time we could come back by" and he was like " Yeah, if I was 30 years younger." He then looks at me and is like "Yes I'm flirting with you!" He is 56........
On a more spiritual note.. Our investigator Terra is slow progressing. She asked what is required for her to get baptized, she asked if she would have to bear her testimony. We taught her the "Plan of Salvation". It was going fairly good until her baby tooted.... She wants so badly to be sealed to her family. :)
Ariel is doing well. She prayed about the Plan of Salvation and feels it is true. She really wants to come to church!
We are seeing lots of miracles here and are having a lot of fun. Well, family I sure love y'all and hope and pray you have a blessed week.
Spiritual quote this week.
“Sometimes, in spite of all we do to make weak things become strong, the Lord, in His infinite wisdom, does not take away our weakness. The Apostle Paul struggled throughout his life with ‘a thorn in the flesh,’ which he said served to humble him ‘lest [he] should be exalted above measure’ (2 Corinthians 12:7). Three times Paul asked the Lord to take away his weakness, and three times the Lord declined to do so. The Lord then explained that His grace was sufficient for Paul and that, in fact, His strength was actually ‘made perfect in weakness.’ Then Paul wrote, ‘Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.’ …
“Like Paul, we can find positive meaning in weaknesses that are not taken away. Surely nothing is quite as humbling as having a weakness that we cannot overcome but must continue to struggle with throughout our life. Such a weakness teaches us, in a very personal way, that after all we can do we must rely on the grace of Christ to make up the difference.
“As we humbly submit our will to the Lord’s, we find that our weaknesses can indeed become sources of strength if we put our trust in Him.”
—Anne C. Pingree,
I love y'all,
Sister, Hannah Seegrist

Nov. 09, 2015

Hey y'all,
This week was a bit slow so not to much to write about. I was sick on Tuesday and Wed. We had interviews with president Smith is Lynn Haven. A member took us to eat at Texas Road House. (I think she sent you a picture dad)
Monday we had to take our car in the shop, So we got 4 new tires on our car it now drives like a champ. 
We had some solid appointments this week fall through, so that was sad, but we did have some good lessons. We found some new gators here this week, one is a part member. I love part members. I have a strong testimony of them. I love the feeling of when you get to help unite this family for eternity. Today I was reading in my studies about Richard G Scott and there was a part in there that was so sweet. He was talking about his wife and how when he sees her on the other side of the veil they will be even more in love than before and I just thought about how great that reunion was when he passed and got too see her. It got me thinking about how it must have felt when Grandpa Roger got to see Grandma Carol again. Oh, the joys of Temple Sealings! :) 
This week was also had the chance to do some service for a recent convert. She is just the sweetest thing. She gave us lots of clothes. Most didn't fit. But we found some members to give them to and it helped them out! :) 
That is pretty much all that happened this week. Sister Porter got to play doctor and take care of my sickly self, But I am feeling much better now. Hope all is well at home. I love y'all. 
Have a wonderful week. 
Here is Wonderful quote. REMEMBER IT:
“I recognize that, on occasion, some of our most fervent prayers may seem to go unanswered. We wonder, ‘Why?’ I know that feeling! I know the fears and tears of such moments. But I also know that our prayers are never ignored. Our faith is never unappreciated. I know that an all-wise Heavenly Father’s perspective is much broader than is ours. While we know of our mortal problems and pain, He knows of our immortal progress and potential. If we pray to know His will and submit ourselves to it with patience and courage, heavenly healing can take place in His own way and time.”
—Russell M. Nelson, "Jesus Christ—the Master Healer,"
Love, Sister Seegrist 

Nov. 2, 2015

Hey y'all,
This week wasn't super eventful, so this letter will be really short.
It pretty much consisted seeing some less active members and having some average lessons with our gators. I got to go back to Callaway for a day for exchanges with the STL's. That was good. I got to see some of the members there. We got to go to a corn maze with the youth. We had some potential investigators there. The youth in this ward are so great! They are super strong. We had a lesson with one of our investigators who was pretty much trying to correct everything we said,she just had a lot of un necessary questions. But it was good. We had another Bible Study with D. That was interesting.
IT was Halloween this week!! I love Halloween.. Wasn't super exciting. haha.. we had to be in by 6, so we carved pumpkins and attempted to make boiled peanuts and we watched the Restoration, real party. :) we got bashed by a JW this week. yeah.. moving on.
TAMMY CAME TO CHURCH! Tammy is a really awesome Lady. She came to church and it made this week just great! We were so happy to see her there!
This Sweet little girl bore her testimony in sacrament and it was the sweetest thing ever. She started crying up there and she came up to us after and was like " I went up there and my eyes started to water and I felt the spirit." She is 7. She is so cute though.
That is about all that happened this week, nothing to exciting but it was a good week! I love y'all and hope y'all have a great week.
The Church is true. I have such a strong testimony on prayer. I know that our father in heaven is a loving father in heaven, he cares so much about us and answers our prayers. Don't hesitate to call upon God for anything. I love y'all
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist
Oh, I got to see Sister Stewart!

Oct.26, 2015

Hey y'all,
This week was interesting. Don't really know what happened this week.
Monday we went and tried to see some people after p day was over. we then got stuck behind a train that was stuck on the tracks. so we were late to our appointments.. haha
Tuesday we Had a district meeting about contacting. it was really good and made us motivated to do it more boldly! We got to see some investigators that we haven't seen in a while which was pretty good.
Wed. we did service and saw some of our investigators, We got to see some LAs as well.
Thursday we did Got to see some Gators and less actives and a really sweet recent convert. we got to teach about family history. It was the first time teaching the new family history program. which went better than we thought. We ran into some JW's. they were at our recent converts house. we walked up and they were like "oh looks like your girls are here. are you doing a bible study?" She was like yes. we walked by them and were like we like your dresses. one was like "thanks" then gave us their dirtiest look ever. haha.. we were like  "Hey Jessie," she let us in and the JWs. just looked at us weird and drove off.. hehehehe #WEWIN Friday we just did missionary work, tried, we saw Ariel our gator. It's been awhile, we taught her the first half of the plan ofsalvation. Her house is kind of hectic because of the kids there but it went pretty good. We then got to see a guy. He was on the roster as a DNC. But we went over there and they are super friendly. He invited us in and we got to talk to him and his wife for about an hour and 15 minutes. Found out he is really good friends with the lead singer of Kansas. He said he would totally let us meet sometime. lol.
Saturday we did more service. that was lots of fun! :) lol. We went to the fall fellowship our ward members put on. That was fun. We dressed up as an undercover Mariachi Band, it was pretty funny. pictures to come. We had some investigators come it was pretty good I  think they had a good time. :)
Sunday we went to one of our Less Actives baby shower, that was fun. We then visited some less actives.
Sorry this week was rather boring. but God provides a way and everything happens for a reason. We are going on exchanges this upcoming week. Which I\ think will be really good. I get to go back to Callaway for a day! :)  Please remember that I love y'all and am so grateful to have y'all in my life. Keep trusting God and doing what
s right!  I am so grateful for the chance I have to be a missionary and to be serving here. I am so grateful for the ways that I have grown and the person I have and continue to become. I love y'all. Have a supercalafragilistic week!
Love, Sister Seegrist

Oct. 19, 2015

Hey y'all, this week was interesting for sure.
Monday we played Softball with our district.. We were so sore, who knew that softball could make you so sore.. it was a lot of fun though :) 
Tuesday was long but we kept going. We served ice cream at the rehab. Those elderly people are so funny. This one guy, his name is John Strickland, he claims to be a big star. He sings to us while we are there. We had alot of people not home this week..but we kept trying and that is all that matters sometimes. 
Wed. more plans fell through, but we did get to see a recent convert. She is doing well. She has been sick. She had to have a pace maker put in. But she is doing well.. We had a cool experience that will hopefully spark into something more sweet. We were out with a member and our plans had fallen threw so we decided to go see a less active on the Roster. The member had mentioned to us that she (the LA) may not want contact. But we felt like we need to try her. So we went. The member wasnt home but her husband came outside and talked to us. He was very friendly and invited us back. Its just these small things that happen that make the work so worth all the hard days. I am so grateful to be here. I have said that many times. But it truly brings me such joy. 
We got to visit with a less active/part member family. They are great. They hopefully will be coming to the ward party this weekend. :) We just tried so hard to have a positive attitude this day. It made the day great and full of laughter.
Thursday we served ice cream. Weekly planned and got to see our Gator Ariel. She is doing well. Things are working out for the better for her. She was telling us how she just really broke down and just had to ask Heavenly Father for help. We then saw a sweet Less active Lady.   We got a door slammed in our face. we went and tried a less active and this kid was in the front door. we parked and started walking up and she grabbed  her kid and locked the glass door and slammed the other door.. haha we knocked anyways. #gumpywomenneedjesus. we then had dinner with Bishop and his family. We got to see some cool Miracles! 
Friday..Oh friday.. How can I begin... This was a weird day. We started off having  a lesson with C... that went fine. we talked about scripture study. We asked where she was and she just flipped open to a random page and was like "2 nephi." i was like "WOW, Your in 2 nephi already? haha she is a goof..
We then met with david... We found out through C. that D, may or may not have a liking for Sister Porter... He is about 50.... he was trying to have a lesson with us.. i think he thought we were there for him to teach us.. We dont even know what happened in that lesson.. But we did get to teach him a little bit. We then saw r. oh my... JUST PRAY R he would not pray for the life of him. But we are going to work on that.. We then saw E.. She is nice.. hopefully her and her family will come to church. We think if they just felt of the spirit there they would do alot better.
Saturday was good just visited some more Lessactives. and more appts cancel. Thats okay. all for the best. 
Sunday saw more Lessactives. We sure love them and this ward. 
Today we are grateful its pday. I am so happy to be here. the work is good and the church is true! have a great week! 
Love, Sister Seegrist 

Oct. 12, 2015

Hey y'all.
This week started off really slow. but it ended really good! 
Monday we went and emailed in Chipley and went to walmart. we had a good family home evening with some members. 
Tuesday we go to see terresa she is doing well. We taught her the Gosple of Jesus Christ. We then tried some other people. Most were to busy playing Bingo. 
We did service and then went contacting. We got asked if we had drugs in our backpacks. Well this punk of a kid was like " are yall just comin from school" we were like no. he was like "oh i just thought because of your backpacks. do you got drugs in there?" We were like " no but we got bibles and candy." He then was like "Oh,bye" and biked away. hahaha it was pretty funny.. 
Wed more service and more less actives to see. it was good:) 
Thursday some more service. we helped set up for a wedding. and some more service at the old folks home. and weekly planning. 
Friday we did some contacting and more service... hahaha and we also got to see cassie and we found 2 new investigators this day. We found Celia who was a referral from Cassie. She is nice: We then found Terra who is a part member. She was a referral from some other members. She is super awesome. She actually was going to get baptized but she felt the other missionaries were to pushy with her. but she bore her testimony to us. She is so prepared and so willing. she told us how she cant wait to go get sealed in the Temple. Her husband is a less active member and we are hoping to get them both back to church. She opened up to us alot and it was only our first visit. We are so excited to work with her. 
Saturday we did more service with the wedding. We then went to the wedding. It was for a recent convert. It was pretty neat. we then went and saw a potential. who is now a new gator. he is interesting but cool. His name is David. He is about 50 and has a strong believe in God. We took Sister Leavins with us to the lesson. She is a fantastic missionary. She straight up invited him to church before we even go to it. she bore a wonderful testimony that we could tell touched his heart and it also touched ours. We then did some more service.. Wow,  I didn't realize how much service we did this week... haha
We then headed to Lynn Haven and had the adult session of stake conf. That was good. We spent the night with the Lynn Haven sisters. 
Sunday was stake conf. We had a Q&A with Elder Thompson of the area 70. He was a funny guy. We then had the normal stake conf.. it was nice. We saw a recent convert. She is so sweet, she opened up to us so much. She told us some things that we just felt so bad for her. She was like I love the other missionaries, but I am so grateful for y'all so I can talk to you about other stuff. She is really great. We then got the text that Sister Porter and I are staying together for another transfer. Yay! I am so excited she is a wonderful missionary. 
Today we are playing soft ball with our district. 
Well family I sure love you and love this church.! Keep being faithful and fearing God ! :) 
Love, Sister Seegrist 

Oct. 4, 2015



Sept 21, 2015

Sept. 14, 2015

Hey everyone this week was by far one of the CRAZIEST WEEKS OF THE MISSION!
So I guess I will start with Monday We had a fun p-day and had dinner with the Davis family, I just love them!
Tuesday, we had a nuts day! So we had a great district meeting, we learned about unity.. Sister Hawkins and I were bragging about our unity.. take note of that.. We came home and had lunch. While we were eating the Elders called. We were talking to them about some other stuff and then we see a call coming in from President Smith.. we were like Oh boy,... hahaha so we answered it and he told us that there was some changes and that I was getting emergency transfered to Bonifay, Florida..and that I would be training. We got  this call at 1230. and left our house at 4:30 and we had an apt. in between there too.. haha so you can imagine how I shoved everything up together and went.. The Elders gave me a blessing of comfort because I was a little bit freaking out.. not too bad though.. hahaha ...We got to Bonifay late and switched. I am training Sister Porter. She is SO CUTE! I am excited to be training her. So we are opening this area for sisters. They took the elders out and they haven't had sisters here in about 20 years, according to what the members here said, so we are super excited. :) Our apt. may have a few roaches......l but it's a place to stay.. what can you expect when they had elders here for so long. haha jk. but really.. haha so that was Tuesday.. it was really great to see Sister Blake again thought. I missed her! She is in Callaway now..
Wed.. We taught seminary. Which we have been doing the whole week. Its been fun. Even though it meant we had to get up an hour earlier.. but the youth in the ward are so great! They have such strong testimonies even though they are a little ADD.. but I have no room to talk. haha I then unpacked and got settled in and we then went to the church and met some members. The ward here is great! I love it!
Thursday we did weekly planning and met a recent convert. She is super awesome! We then went on exchanges a member drove us to the half way point.. and while we were parked waiting this man backed into us.. but everyone was okay and the car was fine too. Sister Rinds came here, she is awesome! Love her.
Friday, we had a great exchange, set up some apt's and called a lot of people. It was a really good exchange, then exchanged back.
Saturday we tried some people and finished weekly planning.. #ittakesforeversometimes. We did some service for a lady named Cassie. She is an older lady, she is super friendly. Then we tried to see a referral, so Bonifay doesn't have any street lights and we were trying to find her house. We accidently turned down a dirt road and this man with no shirt on and with a beer in his hand came out and was standing in the road trying to get us to stop so I just acted like I didn't see him and waved and drove by.. haha then found out the dirt road was a dead end... we were like oh no.. haha so we drove back and he started waving his hands trying to get us to stop.. I didnt want him to like shoot us.. so I stopped and rolled down the window a little bit and he was super friendly. He could tell we were lost and was trying to help us find the house we were going to.. hahaha we didn't find it.. it was super creepy and Sister Porter and I just  felt super uneasy.. so we went and got ice cream..
Sunday, we went to church. we walked in and lo and behold we see the big man him self... President Smith... haha he was there for a meeting. He was like are yall ready for another change.. haha Sister Porter was like yeah.. not realizing what he said.. he was then like already.. haha we were like no!  haha he then called us fireballs haha... We saw some active members. Bishop helped us go over the Roster. The ward here really is great. I love them and am so grateful to be serving here. I sure know that this is where the Lord needs me. I have already learned a lot since I've been in Bonifay. It;s a beautiful small town and everyone talks like they are from the south, which they are. I know the church is true. Keep being awesome everyone. God loves us and is very aware of us. I know that I am needed here in Bonifay and I know that this church is true. I love y'all. 
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

Sept. 02, 2015

Hey yall,
This week was pretty crazy!
Monday we had an awesome district activity with the Lynn Haven District. We had a cookout and played some cool games like pool.. and fusball.. and pingpong. lol. lots of fun. We then went to the hot sauce place again..... hahaha and I about died... it was so bad this time.. I felt like my ears were bleeding. I hated it! It was a lot hotter. Elder Lopez put a ton on my chip this time though.. but I recovered lol.  We had dinner with some pretty cool members. :) then we went to FHE...
Tuesday we played Jepordy for district meeting. I suck at that game.. Tuesday was just an interesting day.
Wed.. we saw some less actives and ya know missionary work and met the new sisters. They are VERY HAPPY! :) We had scripture study and that was good.
Thursday we spent almost the whole day weekly planning. We then had dinner with the Relief Society Pres. she fed us some pretty good fish. I think that was only the second or 3rd time that I had fish on the mission. I thought I would get it a lot. :)
Friday was the craziest day...
Where to start.. Well we are doing a family history booth at the upcoming fair. We were told we would be in a trio for a few days. (that didn't work out). This random guy next to us at "Tallyhoes" paid for our food he was a really sweet older man. We then had a lot of appt's fall through. We saw two teenagers beating the heck out of each other in front of a little kid and it wasn't like some girl fight.. they were like full on punching each other in the head and ripping hair... so it was like a girl fight but really brutal. We then went to fill up with gas and decided to go into Walmart to get stuff for a lesson.. good thing we did because if we hadn't we would have been involved in a car accident that we witnessed. One of the cars went all the way up the side of the road and pretty much into the Walmart parking lot. #tendermercyoftheday. Then after that we went to dinner, which was super awkward.. and when she was driving us home she got pulled over.. haha well to make the story even better.. She couldn't find her drivers license and she didn't have proof of insurance in the car.. only on her phone and she didn't have her registration in the car... haha we for sure thought she was going to jail and we would have to call someone to come pick us up from about 10 miles away from our house... hahaha.. it was super great! Needless to say, we got home a few mins after curfew..#miraclehour haha but good news is we are still breathing.. haha oh and I flicked ice cream on my companion at dinner.. on accident... that was that day.
Saturday we painted a less actives nails. She is so sweet, we had a lesson with our new gator. Her name is Paige. She is super awesome! Her mom and dad are members. :) We tried a few people... no one wanted to see us.. :)
Sunday was pretty good, our plans got so changed. as usual. We had lunch/dinner with the Davis Family and I LOVE that family soo much! I really love everyone in this area.. Really it's just everyone I've met on the mission... haha I love people... hahaha :) We then stopped by Rachel. She is still super sick. Hopefully they can find out what is wrong with her. Keep her in your prayers if you could. :) I love yall. Have a wonderful week! I love y'all.. I will try to send pictures but I might not be able to because I don't know if I will be able to figure out how to on this members laptop I'm using. If you don't get any this week you will get them next week. I love y'all.
Keep doing what Heavenly Father wants you to be doing.
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist