Friday, February 5, 2016

Oct. 19, 2015

Hey y'all, this week was interesting for sure.
Monday we played Softball with our district.. We were so sore, who knew that softball could make you so sore.. it was a lot of fun though :) 
Tuesday was long but we kept going. We served ice cream at the rehab. Those elderly people are so funny. This one guy, his name is John Strickland, he claims to be a big star. He sings to us while we are there. We had alot of people not home this week..but we kept trying and that is all that matters sometimes. 
Wed. more plans fell through, but we did get to see a recent convert. She is doing well. She has been sick. She had to have a pace maker put in. But she is doing well.. We had a cool experience that will hopefully spark into something more sweet. We were out with a member and our plans had fallen threw so we decided to go see a less active on the Roster. The member had mentioned to us that she (the LA) may not want contact. But we felt like we need to try her. So we went. The member wasnt home but her husband came outside and talked to us. He was very friendly and invited us back. Its just these small things that happen that make the work so worth all the hard days. I am so grateful to be here. I have said that many times. But it truly brings me such joy. 
We got to visit with a less active/part member family. They are great. They hopefully will be coming to the ward party this weekend. :) We just tried so hard to have a positive attitude this day. It made the day great and full of laughter.
Thursday we served ice cream. Weekly planned and got to see our Gator Ariel. She is doing well. Things are working out for the better for her. She was telling us how she just really broke down and just had to ask Heavenly Father for help. We then saw a sweet Less active Lady.   We got a door slammed in our face. we went and tried a less active and this kid was in the front door. we parked and started walking up and she grabbed  her kid and locked the glass door and slammed the other door.. haha we knocked anyways. #gumpywomenneedjesus. we then had dinner with Bishop and his family. We got to see some cool Miracles! 
Friday..Oh friday.. How can I begin... This was a weird day. We started off having  a lesson with C... that went fine. we talked about scripture study. We asked where she was and she just flipped open to a random page and was like "2 nephi." i was like "WOW, Your in 2 nephi already? haha she is a goof..
We then met with david... We found out through C. that D, may or may not have a liking for Sister Porter... He is about 50.... he was trying to have a lesson with us.. i think he thought we were there for him to teach us.. We dont even know what happened in that lesson.. But we did get to teach him a little bit. We then saw r. oh my... JUST PRAY R he would not pray for the life of him. But we are going to work on that.. We then saw E.. She is nice.. hopefully her and her family will come to church. We think if they just felt of the spirit there they would do alot better.
Saturday was good just visited some more Lessactives. and more appts cancel. Thats okay. all for the best. 
Sunday saw more Lessactives. We sure love them and this ward. 
Today we are grateful its pday. I am so happy to be here. the work is good and the church is true! have a great week! 
Love, Sister Seegrist 

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