Friday, February 5, 2016

Jan. 11, 2016

Hey yall,
This week has been so crazy!!! So this email will probably be all over the place and probably be super short..
So Monday we packed all day.We had dinner with a non member that we served ice cream with at the rehab center.
Tuesday we had a nice last district meeting. We had lunch with some members and said goodbye to a lot of people! I am going to miss that place very much! But I know I am needed in Tally.
Wed. was crazy long! We didn't have to go to transfers until 4 and then I didn't get to Tally until about 730 or so. But it all worked out really well. My new comp is Sister Bushnell. She is from St George. She is super awesome!
So the next few days were crazy and a blur my comp was sick and we had a lot of planning stuff to do. I don't really know what happened.. haha
My ward is really big and everyone are doctors or some other really high profession. This is the biggest town that I have served in.. So much traffic..
Sorry this email is really dumb.....
So I guess I will just end it.....with a funny story.. haha
So yesterday we were 15 min's. late to church! haha which is a big NO! NO! for missionaries.... So we thought it was ward conference, my comp was told it started at 10.. so at 9:05 the elders texted us and asked if we were here. haha yeah, we still got the there kind of in time..  haha but it was all good. Makes me laugh.. Sorry I am super boring..

Good news is I am alive and that's all that matters..
Hope my email is better next week...
Love y'all!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

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