Friday, February 5, 2016

Jan. 18, 2016

Hey y'all, Sorry I am almost out of time!! but I just want y'all to know the church is true and that I am so grateful to be serving here in beautiful Tallahassee. This week we did a lot of service and walked a ton, which has been really fun! We had some fun times! Sister Bushnell and I get along really well and we are pretty much the same person and its rather FREAKY at times!  But I know I am needed here with her and in this Wonderful area! I am super excited to see what the Lord has in store for this area and what I am to learn here.. I have already learned so much! I am so excited to finish my last few weeks on the mission STRONG~ Again sorry this is so short but we are out of time! I love you! and Remember to KEEP THE FAITH!
ps.. Sorry for not sending pics.. I don't have a way on these new computers! 
Love y'all! 
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist 

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