Friday, February 5, 2016

Sept. 02, 2015

Hey yall,
This week was pretty crazy!
Monday we had an awesome district activity with the Lynn Haven District. We had a cookout and played some cool games like pool.. and fusball.. and pingpong. lol. lots of fun. We then went to the hot sauce place again..... hahaha and I about died... it was so bad this time.. I felt like my ears were bleeding. I hated it! It was a lot hotter. Elder Lopez put a ton on my chip this time though.. but I recovered lol.  We had dinner with some pretty cool members. :) then we went to FHE...
Tuesday we played Jepordy for district meeting. I suck at that game.. Tuesday was just an interesting day.
Wed.. we saw some less actives and ya know missionary work and met the new sisters. They are VERY HAPPY! :) We had scripture study and that was good.
Thursday we spent almost the whole day weekly planning. We then had dinner with the Relief Society Pres. she fed us some pretty good fish. I think that was only the second or 3rd time that I had fish on the mission. I thought I would get it a lot. :)
Friday was the craziest day...
Where to start.. Well we are doing a family history booth at the upcoming fair. We were told we would be in a trio for a few days. (that didn't work out). This random guy next to us at "Tallyhoes" paid for our food he was a really sweet older man. We then had a lot of appt's fall through. We saw two teenagers beating the heck out of each other in front of a little kid and it wasn't like some girl fight.. they were like full on punching each other in the head and ripping hair... so it was like a girl fight but really brutal. We then went to fill up with gas and decided to go into Walmart to get stuff for a lesson.. good thing we did because if we hadn't we would have been involved in a car accident that we witnessed. One of the cars went all the way up the side of the road and pretty much into the Walmart parking lot. #tendermercyoftheday. Then after that we went to dinner, which was super awkward.. and when she was driving us home she got pulled over.. haha well to make the story even better.. She couldn't find her drivers license and she didn't have proof of insurance in the car.. only on her phone and she didn't have her registration in the car... haha we for sure thought she was going to jail and we would have to call someone to come pick us up from about 10 miles away from our house... hahaha.. it was super great! Needless to say, we got home a few mins after curfew..#miraclehour haha but good news is we are still breathing.. haha oh and I flicked ice cream on my companion at dinner.. on accident... that was that day.
Saturday we painted a less actives nails. She is so sweet, we had a lesson with our new gator. Her name is Paige. She is super awesome! Her mom and dad are members. :) We tried a few people... no one wanted to see us.. :)
Sunday was pretty good, our plans got so changed. as usual. We had lunch/dinner with the Davis Family and I LOVE that family soo much! I really love everyone in this area.. Really it's just everyone I've met on the mission... haha I love people... hahaha :) We then stopped by Rachel. She is still super sick. Hopefully they can find out what is wrong with her. Keep her in your prayers if you could. :) I love yall. Have a wonderful week! I love y'all.. I will try to send pictures but I might not be able to because I don't know if I will be able to figure out how to on this members laptop I'm using. If you don't get any this week you will get them next week. I love y'all.
Keep doing what Heavenly Father wants you to be doing.
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

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