Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

So first off.. Monday! We played volleyball/chair soccer with some other missionaries. We then headed to Tallahassee for a 1/2 mission conference. We stayed with the FSU Campus Sisters. 
Tuesday we had an AMAZING meeting! Elder Stanfill and Elder Neilson from the Seventy came and spoke to us. That was really great! They talked about Unity and the Atonement. They talked a lot about commitment and so many other things! :) It was a very great meeting! After the meeting was over we headed home! We got home later Tuesday night.
Wed. we were suppose to do Family History with one of our Gators, but she canceled... We went to a pizza buffet with some awesome members! We then had another appointment fall through.. But we had a great lesson with Re....! :) I love her! :) Her daughter has moved now. She moved to VA. We will miss her. We had a nice Scripture study that night on prayer. :) 
Thursday! R......AND B.... ARE GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!! We committed them to Baptism. They are getting baptized on Sept 26th. They are both so excited! We are super excited as well. (They are R.....'s kids) They are 10 and 9. They are so smart and so prepared! We then tried some LA's. and had dinner with our Bishop and his Family. I love that family!!!
Friday. New gator and he is a RAPPER! His name is Thomas. He is super awesome! He was a referral from the PCB Elders.. He is really wanting to know more. And yes he is a rapper. He showed us his recording studio. We had dinner with these members.. we tried to do some Faith Rockets.. with tea bags.. and they didn't work like they normally do...  about burnt that house down.....oops.
Saturday we had to take our car in.. nothing was wrong with it.. we saw some cool peeps. :) 
Sunday we had a potluck after church! and saw some more peeps.. we then had dinner with these new people in our ward, they are so awesome!! They were super funny! I already love them.. I'm so grateful to be serving here in a great part of the world! 
Some of you may have heard that there was a hurricane watch.. Well that has kind of faded. and we should be good.. I'll have to admit I was getting a bit excited... but it's probably better that it doesn't come. Well family I sure love y'all. Oh and transfer calls came yesterday, Sister Hawkins  and I are staying here in Panama City/Callaway! We are super excited!! Have a Supercalafragilisticexbaladotious week. (that maybe be spelled WAY wrong..)
Love, Seesster HANNAH Seegrist 

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