Monday, August 3, 2015

August 03, 2015 One Year Down and So Many Miracles!

Hey y'all,
This week was pretty good. Monday we did a coloring party for FHE. That was awesome! A bunch of young single adults in a fort eating fishy crackers, juice boxes, and fruit snacks, coloring,  it was really fun! Tuesday we had an amazing district meeting. I thought it was just really great!  We talked about the Atonement which is something that I  have been trying to study for a long time. The Spirit was very strong, I loved it! Then we went to see a kind of less active lady. She was sick so we weren't able to meet with her. But she was actually home and we are seeing her tomorrow. My companion was sick so it was kind of a slow day. We had dinner with a family of return missionaries. They are a great family. Wednesday we saw a less active who when we went to see her she told us to come back in about an hour because her soaps were coming on television.. lol.. So we went and biked and tried visiting a few others then went back to see her.  She is a funny lady.
Then we got rained out after lunch.. Florida is not the sunny state... it rains almost every day.. haha I love it!
We had scripture study and that was pretty good. We only had 2 people show up but we talked about Alma the Younger and Repentance. It was good. Then K.and A. took us out to ice cream..
Thursday we did weekly planning and had interviews with our Mission President. Those were really good. I just love my Mission Pres.
 We contacted a referral and finally were able to get in contact with G. again and set up another appointment with her. :) we went to see her and she was outside as her boyfriend was working on his car, so it actually worked out pretty great! We then did some stuff to help out the Relief Society.
Friday was a super long day.  We had to fixed Sister Hawkins bike and then we had to bike because we didn't have many miles left. We visited some people then we went to go to volleyball but no one came so we went contacting.
Saturday.. I got set apart as a Full Time Missionary a year ago today.  We had correlation meeting then we went and did some service and helped someone clean their house. They are moving. We then went to down town Panama City and tired to contact some people using the Plan of Salvation Pamphlets.. that didn't work out to well... lol, but it was good practice. We saw this massive dark cloud coming towards us and we were like "oh boy" so we went back to the car.. right when I shut the door it started POURING lol!!! It was pretty epic we then tried to see some more LA and we just got wet anyways running to their doors.. lol  :) We heart attacked the Relief Society President, she does so much and no one really does anything for her. :)
Sunday was amazing and the miracles flooded in..  #FASTINGWORKS!
So we had an amazing church services, then we got 2 new investigators. One was a referral from the Spanish Elders. The other one was a gators son. So cool story, we had an appointment with this guy named S. We went over there and his sister (who was a gator as well) was outside.. we hadn't seen her in a while and it's kind of hard to get in with her. We started talking to her and we were like "well we have an appointment with S. she took us over and S. didn't want to meet with us right then. So then she was like " Well, do you want to come over to my house and talk?" So we did and we taught So much! She just kept asking great questions. We ended up pretty much teaching her the whole Restoration, the whole Word of Wisdom, and some other stuff.. like how are bodies are temples. She wants to come to church! She and her family have been looking for a church. We are hopefully doing a church tour with her this week. It was great! Sorry my letters are so long. Then we had a great dinner with the bishop. lol.. their daughter ate my companions cake off her plate, while she was still eating it..  Haha....she also told us " You guys are monsters." She is only 6,  I just love their family. Well, that's all for this week. I love y'all and hope y'all keep being amazing!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist
Oh, that is smoke.. Haha there was a fire outside our apt. :) Sorry these are the only pictures this week. Love you!

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