Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

Good day!
First off I would like to share part of a letter from my Mission President. 

"In 2009 a Disney movie "UP" was released. The film centers on Carl a 78 year old elderly widower. Carl who is attempting to escape from life when it becomes too difficult, ties thousands of balloons to his home and it begins to float away from the challenge of life. To me, a powerful lesson as it relates to mission life, was taught in the title of the movie, "UP!"

➡️ A mission that has passion and purpose is a mission where:
➡️ Discouraged missionaries cheer up!
➡️ Sour missionaries sweeten up!
➡️ Closed off missionaries, open up!
➡️ Conflicted missionaries make up!
➡️ Sleeping missionaries wake up!
➡️ Lukewarm missionaries, fire up!
May we "LOOK UP" as we strive to "Give' em Heaven!" 

 I really just enjoyed that! Hope y'all do as well. Y'all can apply it to maybe not "missionaries" but to whoever you are. 
So this week was really great! First off we started off with Monday.....we had a nice p-day! :) 
Tuesday we had a really great District meeting about managing stress. That was really great! :) We saw Ra____, and man her and her family are doing so amazing! They are so prepared and ready to accept the Gospel. She thanked us for helping her family and that always makes you feel good! 
Wednesday we got to see some less active members and they are doing alright. Just dealing with life struggles. We tried some potentials and some referrals. But no one was home... We had correlation with our new ward mission leader. He is super awesome! We had a good scripture study as well. We talked about Charity and how Christ showed the most amazing acts of Charity. 
Thursday we had to get on the bus early because we had an appt. over at the edge of our area at 10 and the bus takes a few hours to get out there.. lol. So we left our house at 8:15 and the bus comes between 8:20 and 8:25.. well annoying story short... we missed the bus and had to wait another hour for the bus to come.. but i guess it all worked out.. We met this guy on the bus.... and man was interesting. lol.. He just talked and talked and talked.... the whole bus ride, it was so funny. He was talking to Sister H. and I.. He asked us where we were from and I told him I was from "California" and he was like "Oh yeah, you look like it.. you look like you just walked off a set of 90210.." he then asked where Sister H. was from she was like "Utah" he then was like "Oh yeah, you got that Pentecostal look. You look like you just walked off a polygamy farm...". hahahaha we both just busted up laughing.. i wonder what he would have said if I told him that I actually grew up in Utah.... lol. He was being super funny.. He then just wanted to bash with us.. lol.. We just kept bearing testimony.. Oh those bus experiences. We then finally got to our appt and that was good, it was with a recent convert. 
Friday we did family history with a LA member :) Love Family History! Then we saw our Gator D____ we then saw Ra____ again:) It was so sweet her son R_____told his grandpa that he wants to go on a mission! These kids are so smart! 
Saturday we did some family history with one of our newer gators. We  had a great lesson with Re____ then we did some contacting.. the day was kind of a boozy of a day.. lol :/ 
Sunday  Re____came to church!!!! Yay!! That made us so happy! She is the sweetest lady and is so happy and loves us! We sure love her as well. :) Ra____and her family weren't able to come to church.. The kids got sick.. But we stopped by and brought them some stuff. Then we saw some members and some Less activeish... people! i sure love this area and just love being a missionary! 
Testimony.. I am so grateful for the Gospel I have in my life. For the joys and happiness it brings to me! I am so happy to be here serving a mission and to be inviting others to come unto Christ. It honestly is the BEST job anyone could every have... even though we don't get paid. The blessings are far more rewarding. I love y'all! Christ lives and God loves us! Keep smiling! 
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist 

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