Monday, August 3, 2015

Three weeks worth of letters from June 15- July 08, 2015

Sorry for the last three weeks letters, my mom (me) who is keeping up my blog has not kept up with coping my letters so they will all be on one entry.

June 15, 2015

This area is great! I love it! and am super excited to be serving here! Our first day here we met the ward mission leader at Walmart. We were walking in and he was like "are you my new missionaries?" we were like yes.. he was like sweet. "I'm the ward mission leader.". it was pretty cool.. So Callaway is an interesting place, I love it! There is a paper mill and chemical plant here that smells bad, but it's all good. My new companion is pretty awesome! We both went to Bingham! Her name is Sister Hawkins. We hung out with some of the same people! :) Small world! The ward here is awesome! A lot of old people and lot's of families. Our area is huge! It covers almost all of Panama City :) and Callaway. We got to meet some of the recent converts. I love them already! This guy his name is A. He joined the Church in March. His wife has been a member her whole life. They are the cutest people! Haha I told him my bike tire was flat, he  really wanted to help me fill it up.. I didn't have it with me... but he called again today and was like did you get it fixed? I told him I needed to buy a new tube, he was like "well when you get it come over and I will put it on for you."  so many stories, but this area is great! We did white wash so it has been stressful but really great! I am learning a lot! We are in the same ward as the STLS. They are pretty cool. Oh, we are in a car share... it's pretty good. I am excited to walk and bike everywhere. :) We went walking the other day.. and we ran across a human head, was a log that looked like a bloody human head to was in a huge swamp.. we were looking for Gators.. and found a skull... that would have been a pretty strange story.. So this week I can't send pictures because I don't know how to on these computers... so next week you will get some! Hopefully..
anyway sorry this letter is all over the place.. haha but before I left Navarre we went and said goodbye to a few people.. haha one of our LA that we saw we went to say goodbye and she gave me a bag full of little gift things and her boyfriend wrapped up a beer in aluminum foil and put it in there... haha he told me I could open his gift there... haha it was really funny.. I kind of wanted to go put it in the fridge in our apt... I didn't.. I told him he could have it.... Haha
When we got here we settled in a little... on Thursday we went and met some people. We had a lesson on Saturday with an investigator. Her name is E. She is pretty cool. well.. I don't really know what else to say.. but this week was good and I love you all.. Again sorry about the pictures..
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist 

June 22, 2015

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