Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

So first off.. Monday! We played volleyball/chair soccer with some other missionaries. We then headed to Tallahassee for a 1/2 mission conference. We stayed with the FSU Campus Sisters. 
Tuesday we had an AMAZING meeting! Elder Stanfill and Elder Neilson from the Seventy came and spoke to us. That was really great! They talked about Unity and the Atonement. They talked a lot about commitment and so many other things! :) It was a very great meeting! After the meeting was over we headed home! We got home later Tuesday night.
Wed. we were suppose to do Family History with one of our Gators, but she canceled... We went to a pizza buffet with some awesome members! We then had another appointment fall through.. But we had a great lesson with Re....! :) I love her! :) Her daughter has moved now. She moved to VA. We will miss her. We had a nice Scripture study that night on prayer. :) 
Thursday! R......AND B.... ARE GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!! We committed them to Baptism. They are getting baptized on Sept 26th. They are both so excited! We are super excited as well. (They are R.....'s kids) They are 10 and 9. They are so smart and so prepared! We then tried some LA's. and had dinner with our Bishop and his Family. I love that family!!!
Friday. New gator and he is a RAPPER! His name is Thomas. He is super awesome! He was a referral from the PCB Elders.. He is really wanting to know more. And yes he is a rapper. He showed us his recording studio. We had dinner with these members.. we tried to do some Faith Rockets.. with tea bags.. and they didn't work like they normally do...  about burnt that house down.....oops.
Saturday we had to take our car in.. nothing was wrong with it.. we saw some cool peeps. :) 
Sunday we had a potluck after church! and saw some more peeps.. we then had dinner with these new people in our ward, they are so awesome!! They were super funny! I already love them.. I'm so grateful to be serving here in a great part of the world! 
Some of you may have heard that there was a hurricane watch.. Well that has kind of faded. and we should be good.. I'll have to admit I was getting a bit excited... but it's probably better that it doesn't come. Well family I sure love y'all. Oh and transfer calls came yesterday, Sister Hawkins  and I are staying here in Panama City/Callaway! We are super excited!! Have a Supercalafragilisticexbaladotious week. (that maybe be spelled WAY wrong..)
Love, Seesster HANNAH Seegrist 

Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

Good day!
First off I would like to share part of a letter from my Mission President. 

"In 2009 a Disney movie "UP" was released. The film centers on Carl a 78 year old elderly widower. Carl who is attempting to escape from life when it becomes too difficult, ties thousands of balloons to his home and it begins to float away from the challenge of life. To me, a powerful lesson as it relates to mission life, was taught in the title of the movie, "UP!"

➡️ A mission that has passion and purpose is a mission where:
➡️ Discouraged missionaries cheer up!
➡️ Sour missionaries sweeten up!
➡️ Closed off missionaries, open up!
➡️ Conflicted missionaries make up!
➡️ Sleeping missionaries wake up!
➡️ Lukewarm missionaries, fire up!
May we "LOOK UP" as we strive to "Give' em Heaven!" 

 I really just enjoyed that! Hope y'all do as well. Y'all can apply it to maybe not "missionaries" but to whoever you are. 
So this week was really great! First off we started off with Monday.....we had a nice p-day! :) 
Tuesday we had a really great District meeting about managing stress. That was really great! :) We saw Ra____, and man her and her family are doing so amazing! They are so prepared and ready to accept the Gospel. She thanked us for helping her family and that always makes you feel good! 
Wednesday we got to see some less active members and they are doing alright. Just dealing with life struggles. We tried some potentials and some referrals. But no one was home... We had correlation with our new ward mission leader. He is super awesome! We had a good scripture study as well. We talked about Charity and how Christ showed the most amazing acts of Charity. 
Thursday we had to get on the bus early because we had an appt. over at the edge of our area at 10 and the bus takes a few hours to get out there.. lol. So we left our house at 8:15 and the bus comes between 8:20 and 8:25.. well annoying story short... we missed the bus and had to wait another hour for the bus to come.. but i guess it all worked out.. We met this guy on the bus.... and man was interesting. lol.. He just talked and talked and talked.... the whole bus ride, it was so funny. He was talking to Sister H. and I.. He asked us where we were from and I told him I was from "California" and he was like "Oh yeah, you look like it.. you look like you just walked off a set of 90210.." he then asked where Sister H. was from she was like "Utah" he then was like "Oh yeah, you got that Pentecostal look. You look like you just walked off a polygamy farm...". hahahaha we both just busted up laughing.. i wonder what he would have said if I told him that I actually grew up in Utah.... lol. He was being super funny.. He then just wanted to bash with us.. lol.. We just kept bearing testimony.. Oh those bus experiences. We then finally got to our appt and that was good, it was with a recent convert. 
Friday we did family history with a LA member :) Love Family History! Then we saw our Gator D____ we then saw Ra____ again:) It was so sweet her son R_____told his grandpa that he wants to go on a mission! These kids are so smart! 
Saturday we did some family history with one of our newer gators. We  had a great lesson with Re____ then we did some contacting.. the day was kind of a boozy of a day.. lol :/ 
Sunday  Re____came to church!!!! Yay!! That made us so happy! She is the sweetest lady and is so happy and loves us! We sure love her as well. :) Ra____and her family weren't able to come to church.. The kids got sick.. But we stopped by and brought them some stuff. Then we saw some members and some Less activeish... people! i sure love this area and just love being a missionary! 
Testimony.. I am so grateful for the Gospel I have in my life. For the joys and happiness it brings to me! I am so happy to be here serving a mission and to be inviting others to come unto Christ. It honestly is the BEST job anyone could every have... even though we don't get paid. The blessings are far more rewarding. I love y'all! Christ lives and God loves us! Keep smiling! 
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Three weeks worth of letters from June 15- July 08, 2015

Sorry for the last three weeks letters, my mom (me) who is keeping up my blog has not kept up with coping my letters so they will all be on one entry.

June 15, 2015

This area is great! I love it! and am super excited to be serving here! Our first day here we met the ward mission leader at Walmart. We were walking in and he was like "are you my new missionaries?" we were like yes.. he was like sweet. "I'm the ward mission leader.". it was pretty cool.. So Callaway is an interesting place, I love it! There is a paper mill and chemical plant here that smells bad, but it's all good. My new companion is pretty awesome! We both went to Bingham! Her name is Sister Hawkins. We hung out with some of the same people! :) Small world! The ward here is awesome! A lot of old people and lot's of families. Our area is huge! It covers almost all of Panama City :) and Callaway. We got to meet some of the recent converts. I love them already! This guy his name is A. He joined the Church in March. His wife has been a member her whole life. They are the cutest people! Haha I told him my bike tire was flat, he  really wanted to help me fill it up.. I didn't have it with me... but he called again today and was like did you get it fixed? I told him I needed to buy a new tube, he was like "well when you get it come over and I will put it on for you."  so many stories, but this area is great! We did white wash so it has been stressful but really great! I am learning a lot! We are in the same ward as the STLS. They are pretty cool. Oh, we are in a car share... it's pretty good. I am excited to walk and bike everywhere. :) We went walking the other day.. and we ran across a human head, was a log that looked like a bloody human head to was in a huge swamp.. we were looking for Gators.. and found a skull... that would have been a pretty strange story.. So this week I can't send pictures because I don't know how to on these computers... so next week you will get some! Hopefully..
anyway sorry this letter is all over the place.. haha but before I left Navarre we went and said goodbye to a few people.. haha one of our LA that we saw we went to say goodbye and she gave me a bag full of little gift things and her boyfriend wrapped up a beer in aluminum foil and put it in there... haha he told me I could open his gift there... haha it was really funny.. I kind of wanted to go put it in the fridge in our apt... I didn't.. I told him he could have it.... Haha
When we got here we settled in a little... on Thursday we went and met some people. We had a lesson on Saturday with an investigator. Her name is E. She is pretty cool. well.. I don't really know what else to say.. but this week was good and I love you all.. Again sorry about the pictures..
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist 

June 22, 2015

August 03, 2015 One Year Down and So Many Miracles!

Hey y'all,
This week was pretty good. Monday we did a coloring party for FHE. That was awesome! A bunch of young single adults in a fort eating fishy crackers, juice boxes, and fruit snacks, coloring,  it was really fun! Tuesday we had an amazing district meeting. I thought it was just really great!  We talked about the Atonement which is something that I  have been trying to study for a long time. The Spirit was very strong, I loved it! Then we went to see a kind of less active lady. She was sick so we weren't able to meet with her. But she was actually home and we are seeing her tomorrow. My companion was sick so it was kind of a slow day. We had dinner with a family of return missionaries. They are a great family. Wednesday we saw a less active who when we went to see her she told us to come back in about an hour because her soaps were coming on television.. lol.. So we went and biked and tried visiting a few others then went back to see her.  She is a funny lady.
Then we got rained out after lunch.. Florida is not the sunny state... it rains almost every day.. haha I love it!
We had scripture study and that was pretty good. We only had 2 people show up but we talked about Alma the Younger and Repentance. It was good. Then K.and A. took us out to ice cream..
Thursday we did weekly planning and had interviews with our Mission President. Those were really good. I just love my Mission Pres.
 We contacted a referral and finally were able to get in contact with G. again and set up another appointment with her. :) we went to see her and she was outside as her boyfriend was working on his car, so it actually worked out pretty great! We then did some stuff to help out the Relief Society.
Friday was a super long day.  We had to fixed Sister Hawkins bike and then we had to bike because we didn't have many miles left. We visited some people then we went to go to volleyball but no one came so we went contacting.
Saturday.. I got set apart as a Full Time Missionary a year ago today.  We had correlation meeting then we went and did some service and helped someone clean their house. They are moving. We then went to down town Panama City and tired to contact some people using the Plan of Salvation Pamphlets.. that didn't work out to well... lol, but it was good practice. We saw this massive dark cloud coming towards us and we were like "oh boy" so we went back to the car.. right when I shut the door it started POURING lol!!! It was pretty epic we then tried to see some more LA and we just got wet anyways running to their doors.. lol  :) We heart attacked the Relief Society President, she does so much and no one really does anything for her. :)
Sunday was amazing and the miracles flooded in..  #FASTINGWORKS!
So we had an amazing church services, then we got 2 new investigators. One was a referral from the Spanish Elders. The other one was a gators son. So cool story, we had an appointment with this guy named S. We went over there and his sister (who was a gator as well) was outside.. we hadn't seen her in a while and it's kind of hard to get in with her. We started talking to her and we were like "well we have an appointment with S. she took us over and S. didn't want to meet with us right then. So then she was like " Well, do you want to come over to my house and talk?" So we did and we taught So much! She just kept asking great questions. We ended up pretty much teaching her the whole Restoration, the whole Word of Wisdom, and some other stuff.. like how are bodies are temples. She wants to come to church! She and her family have been looking for a church. We are hopefully doing a church tour with her this week. It was great! Sorry my letters are so long. Then we had a great dinner with the bishop. lol.. their daughter ate my companions cake off her plate, while she was still eating it..  Haha....she also told us " You guys are monsters." She is only 6,  I just love their family. Well, that's all for this week. I love y'all and hope y'all keep being amazing!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist
Oh, that is smoke.. Haha there was a fire outside our apt. :) Sorry these are the only pictures this week. Love you!