Friday, February 5, 2016

Nov. 09, 2015

Hey y'all,
This week was a bit slow so not to much to write about. I was sick on Tuesday and Wed. We had interviews with president Smith is Lynn Haven. A member took us to eat at Texas Road House. (I think she sent you a picture dad)
Monday we had to take our car in the shop, So we got 4 new tires on our car it now drives like a champ. 
We had some solid appointments this week fall through, so that was sad, but we did have some good lessons. We found some new gators here this week, one is a part member. I love part members. I have a strong testimony of them. I love the feeling of when you get to help unite this family for eternity. Today I was reading in my studies about Richard G Scott and there was a part in there that was so sweet. He was talking about his wife and how when he sees her on the other side of the veil they will be even more in love than before and I just thought about how great that reunion was when he passed and got too see her. It got me thinking about how it must have felt when Grandpa Roger got to see Grandma Carol again. Oh, the joys of Temple Sealings! :) 
This week was also had the chance to do some service for a recent convert. She is just the sweetest thing. She gave us lots of clothes. Most didn't fit. But we found some members to give them to and it helped them out! :) 
That is pretty much all that happened this week. Sister Porter got to play doctor and take care of my sickly self, But I am feeling much better now. Hope all is well at home. I love y'all. 
Have a wonderful week. 
Here is Wonderful quote. REMEMBER IT:
“I recognize that, on occasion, some of our most fervent prayers may seem to go unanswered. We wonder, ‘Why?’ I know that feeling! I know the fears and tears of such moments. But I also know that our prayers are never ignored. Our faith is never unappreciated. I know that an all-wise Heavenly Father’s perspective is much broader than is ours. While we know of our mortal problems and pain, He knows of our immortal progress and potential. If we pray to know His will and submit ourselves to it with patience and courage, heavenly healing can take place in His own way and time.”
—Russell M. Nelson, "Jesus Christ—the Master Healer,"
Love, Sister Seegrist 

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