Friday, February 5, 2016

Oct. 12, 2015

Hey y'all.
This week started off really slow. but it ended really good! 
Monday we went and emailed in Chipley and went to walmart. we had a good family home evening with some members. 
Tuesday we go to see terresa she is doing well. We taught her the Gosple of Jesus Christ. We then tried some other people. Most were to busy playing Bingo. 
We did service and then went contacting. We got asked if we had drugs in our backpacks. Well this punk of a kid was like " are yall just comin from school" we were like no. he was like "oh i just thought because of your backpacks. do you got drugs in there?" We were like " no but we got bibles and candy." He then was like "Oh,bye" and biked away. hahaha it was pretty funny.. 
Wed more service and more less actives to see. it was good:) 
Thursday some more service. we helped set up for a wedding. and some more service at the old folks home. and weekly planning. 
Friday we did some contacting and more service... hahaha and we also got to see cassie and we found 2 new investigators this day. We found Celia who was a referral from Cassie. She is nice: We then found Terra who is a part member. She was a referral from some other members. She is super awesome. She actually was going to get baptized but she felt the other missionaries were to pushy with her. but she bore her testimony to us. She is so prepared and so willing. she told us how she cant wait to go get sealed in the Temple. Her husband is a less active member and we are hoping to get them both back to church. She opened up to us alot and it was only our first visit. We are so excited to work with her. 
Saturday we did more service with the wedding. We then went to the wedding. It was for a recent convert. It was pretty neat. we then went and saw a potential. who is now a new gator. he is interesting but cool. His name is David. He is about 50 and has a strong believe in God. We took Sister Leavins with us to the lesson. She is a fantastic missionary. She straight up invited him to church before we even go to it. she bore a wonderful testimony that we could tell touched his heart and it also touched ours. We then did some more service.. Wow,  I didn't realize how much service we did this week... haha
We then headed to Lynn Haven and had the adult session of stake conf. That was good. We spent the night with the Lynn Haven sisters. 
Sunday was stake conf. We had a Q&A with Elder Thompson of the area 70. He was a funny guy. We then had the normal stake conf.. it was nice. We saw a recent convert. She is so sweet, she opened up to us so much. She told us some things that we just felt so bad for her. She was like I love the other missionaries, but I am so grateful for y'all so I can talk to you about other stuff. She is really great. We then got the text that Sister Porter and I are staying together for another transfer. Yay! I am so excited she is a wonderful missionary. 
Today we are playing soft ball with our district. 
Well family I sure love you and love this church.! Keep being faithful and fearing God ! :) 
Love, Sister Seegrist 

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