Friday, February 5, 2016

Sept. 14, 2015

Hey everyone this week was by far one of the CRAZIEST WEEKS OF THE MISSION!
So I guess I will start with Monday We had a fun p-day and had dinner with the Davis family, I just love them!
Tuesday, we had a nuts day! So we had a great district meeting, we learned about unity.. Sister Hawkins and I were bragging about our unity.. take note of that.. We came home and had lunch. While we were eating the Elders called. We were talking to them about some other stuff and then we see a call coming in from President Smith.. we were like Oh boy,... hahaha so we answered it and he told us that there was some changes and that I was getting emergency transfered to Bonifay, Florida..and that I would be training. We got  this call at 1230. and left our house at 4:30 and we had an apt. in between there too.. haha so you can imagine how I shoved everything up together and went.. The Elders gave me a blessing of comfort because I was a little bit freaking out.. not too bad though.. hahaha ...We got to Bonifay late and switched. I am training Sister Porter. She is SO CUTE! I am excited to be training her. So we are opening this area for sisters. They took the elders out and they haven't had sisters here in about 20 years, according to what the members here said, so we are super excited. :) Our apt. may have a few roaches......l but it's a place to stay.. what can you expect when they had elders here for so long. haha jk. but really.. haha so that was Tuesday.. it was really great to see Sister Blake again thought. I missed her! She is in Callaway now..
Wed.. We taught seminary. Which we have been doing the whole week. Its been fun. Even though it meant we had to get up an hour earlier.. but the youth in the ward are so great! They have such strong testimonies even though they are a little ADD.. but I have no room to talk. haha I then unpacked and got settled in and we then went to the church and met some members. The ward here is great! I love it!
Thursday we did weekly planning and met a recent convert. She is super awesome! We then went on exchanges a member drove us to the half way point.. and while we were parked waiting this man backed into us.. but everyone was okay and the car was fine too. Sister Rinds came here, she is awesome! Love her.
Friday, we had a great exchange, set up some apt's and called a lot of people. It was a really good exchange, then exchanged back.
Saturday we tried some people and finished weekly planning.. #ittakesforeversometimes. We did some service for a lady named Cassie. She is an older lady, she is super friendly. Then we tried to see a referral, so Bonifay doesn't have any street lights and we were trying to find her house. We accidently turned down a dirt road and this man with no shirt on and with a beer in his hand came out and was standing in the road trying to get us to stop so I just acted like I didn't see him and waved and drove by.. haha then found out the dirt road was a dead end... we were like oh no.. haha so we drove back and he started waving his hands trying to get us to stop.. I didnt want him to like shoot us.. so I stopped and rolled down the window a little bit and he was super friendly. He could tell we were lost and was trying to help us find the house we were going to.. hahaha we didn't find it.. it was super creepy and Sister Porter and I just  felt super uneasy.. so we went and got ice cream..
Sunday, we went to church. we walked in and lo and behold we see the big man him self... President Smith... haha he was there for a meeting. He was like are yall ready for another change.. haha Sister Porter was like yeah.. not realizing what he said.. he was then like already.. haha we were like no!  haha he then called us fireballs haha... We saw some active members. Bishop helped us go over the Roster. The ward here really is great. I love them and am so grateful to be serving here. I sure know that this is where the Lord needs me. I have already learned a lot since I've been in Bonifay. It;s a beautiful small town and everyone talks like they are from the south, which they are. I know the church is true. Keep being awesome everyone. God loves us and is very aware of us. I know that I am needed here in Bonifay and I know that this church is true. I love y'all. 
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

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