Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 - R's Baptism

Hey Y,all!
This week was great, as always!
Monday we just emailed and wrote letters. Tuesday we went to Pensacola for zone training, which was good. We talked about having faith and teaching by the spirit.  I saw one of my MTC companions.. On our way home from training we got caught in a really bad storm. A sister from Gulf Breeze Ward was driving us. We could hardly see out the front window. We  missed our exit and here in Florida there is about 13 miles between each exit.  So we completely ended up near Crestview which is out of our zone but it was all good and it was a great adventure. We  got back to Navarre and went to teach Andrew S. He is our investigator. His wife is a member and he just has had so many contacts with missionaries but never wanted to take the lessons. Something his daughter said to him made him change his mind. His wife really wants to get sealed by next November. But she doesn't want to push him. But after hearing what his daughter said he wanted to take the lessons.  So we taught him the restoration it went good. Then we went to the T's house for dinner.  We went with sister T. to see a sister that she visit teaches. They are less active, then we did 12 week. On Wed. we went and did service at the thrift store, which was good. Then we went and met with C.. we taught her the law of Chastity. That went pretty good.  After we went and taught a lesson with R.  Sister L. came along also, that went well.  She speaks Spanish so they just spoke Spanish a lot of the time.  We talked about temple marriage and missionary work and service, then we had dinner. After dinner we went and taught N. She is a less active who we are teaching the lessons to. We taught her The Plan of Salvation. Then we went to see the C.'s. They are less active as well,  they are the nicest people! So on Thursday we went to sisters R. house and helped make candles with her. She has her own business where she puts jewelry and money and stuff in her candles. So we helped her for 3 hours. We then went and saw C. again.  We  went to the Young's for dinner which was nice. After that we had our correlation meeting then after that we met with R.  On Friday we worked stuff out for R.'s baptism.  Then we went to Michelle Y.'s house for lunch. We talked with her about gratitude. and remembering to thank the lord for everything we have. For the many blessings we already have instead of just keep asking him for more, say thanks first..etc. later we went and met with R. again and told him everything for his baptism. We went and visited with Sister A. she gave us some cookies and we just talked with her. She is another less active. Then went over to Sister W. house.  She is super sweet but is kind of a  strange situation. She is leaving her husband but I won't go into details.  She is less active as well, we went to see her and eat some cake with her. We watched the "Reflections of Christ." if y'all haven't seen it, somehow find a way to watch them they are great!Then we went to the H.'s house for dinner. They are super nice, we  went to visit with sister C. Her husband is less active and he is currently in Germany working. We met with her. She has the cutest kids! (everyone's kids are cute here).  Saturday we worked at the thrift store then we had R.'s baptism. It was stressful at first but it all turned out good. His wife came which was really good.  We started filling up the font and we left and started setting up in the other room. We went to check the water and it was yellow, like a nasty, nasty yellow. Everyone was showing up and it takes about on hour to fill up the font, so we asked R. if he wanted to go to the beach or do it in the nasty water. He said as long as it was wet he didn't care, so we just did it in the font. It all turned out nice. The talks where  good, Sister L. and Brother R. spoke.  After  the baptism, we went to the M.s for dinner and that was good. The dad really likes hot sauce and I told him about dads hot sauce and he kept saying. " I really like your dad" It was funny! Afterwards we  tried to visit some less actives but no one answered or was home. Florida State was playing football and everyone is really big fans of them here.. wonder why.. anyways. Then we cleaned our apartment because it was super gross! On Sunday we went to church and R. got confirmed, his wife came as well. We are hoping to start teaching her soon. But the confirmation was good, Brother C.(same one who baptized him) confirmed him. Funny story, he was actually suppose to deploy like two weeks ago, but they kept delaying it and we think it was so he could baptize him. lol. After having a great time at church we went to the Smith's families home and they fed us lunch. We then had a GREAT lesson with A.! We taught the Plan of Salvation and then we talked about eternal families. After we finished teaching we sat there in silence and after a little bit we asked him if this was something he wanted. He quietly said yes. His wife started bawling. He was trying not to cry. My companion and I started tearing up. He just held her as she was crying. She has been trying to get him to investigate the church for the longest time, but she never pushed him. She always tells him that if he has questions save them for the missionaries. That was  just a really, really, sweet experience this week. These would be the reasons I Love being a missionary! So after that we went to the L.'s for dinner that was good. We visited the N. family. They are less actives as well. They are super nice! We talked with them and then we went home and did 12 week and daily planning. So today we went to this Mexican place to eat with the sisters from Milton Florida and the sisters from Brewton Alabama. Then we went to Navarre Beach! It is probably the prettiest beach, I think I have ever been too. The water is just so clear and so pretty. Well that is all that has happened this week.  I love you all so much! Oh, I want all of you to read the talk by President Thomas S Monson titled "Are we prepared" it is in the new September Ensign. It is really great! I know that this church is true. I can feel it every single day. I know that what our prophet says is true and that we need to follow his teachings. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that if you read it and pray about it, you will receive an answer for yourself. I know that God loves every single one of his children and he watches over all of us. I know that prayer is so powerful and that it is so important. I say that is the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.
 I love y'all so much and miss you all like crazy!  I can feel the blessings already. Oh, and I have been in Navarre for 1 month now. Hehe! Well, I love you and hope y'all have a great week.
Love, Sister Seegrist

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