Monday, September 29, 2014

September 15, 2014 - I Saw a Turtle

Hey Y'all!
I will start with Monday of last week. We emailed and then went shopping. Then we wrote letters and some other fun stuff. Then we went to dinner at a members home, she made us these Louisiana pork sandwiches. They where pretty good!  After we went to D. and C.'s and visited with them. Then we  did our planning. The people here in Navarre are some of the nicest people I think I have ever met! The ward is great and I just love it!
 Tuesday we went and visited R. and Sister A. she is a less active. Then went to dinner at the H's. Afterwards we helped out with the young women's activity, which as family history stuff.
 Wednesday we worked at the thrift store. Then we came home and had lunch! I had a horrible headache and my comp was sick so we rested for the last little bit of lunch hour! Then we went to visit A. but she wasn't home so we just did 12 week.  That I will tell y'all is just so great! hahaha... anyway we went and saw a less active named V. who just has had a hard last couple of years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about like a month or two ago and her family just pretty much disowns her, it is really sad.
We are going to be working with her! Then we went to see A. but she canceled on us, so then we tried another less active who didn't even live at the address on the ward roster, she never lived there, so it was weird.
 Then we saw a potential outside named G. so we talked to him and he came to church last week, but he went to the wrong time and wasn't dressed so he left. He was supposed to come this week but he didn't.  Then we talked to some other really nice people.  I am pretty sure they where drunk but we talked with them for a while, at first they tried to scare us off by telling us that they like to strangle little girls, we just laughed because we knew they where lying and then they took our card after we talked for about 20 minutes. They asked us a ton of questions so we will see if anything comes out of it.  Then we went to dinner at the stake presidents house. He is actually in Africa so it was just his wife home. Then we went and saw brother C. who is a less active and then C. and D. we set up an return appointment, because it was late!
Thursday we visited some members and then went and met with R. he had his baptism interview and he passed. We also talked to him about the Priesthood. While Elder B. was doing the interview Sister Strickland and I talked to Elder Y. who I was in the MTC with. The interview lasted about an hour! R. loves to talk and tell stories! We came home and had dinner then correlation meeting, then we went to a Relief Society activity.
Friday we biked to M.Y's and had lunch with her. We had some delish meatball sandwiches. We did some scripture study with her, we talked about virtue. Then we biked to some less actives and potentials not to many people were home or they were "busy". Then we biked and met with a less active who we are teaching the lessons to and that went really, really, well. Then we went and did a cookout with D. and C. We had a ton of food, it was great! I am getting a lot more comfortable talking to people, which makes me happy.
Saturday, we went to Sister W's for lunch then went to the thrift store and then went to lunch with sister C. she took us to a Italian place, it was good! Then we went to a baptism in Milton for a family Sister Strickland taught there.  The spirit was super strong and it was good! It was a dad and two of his sons.  Then Sister L. and Sister A. took us to "Texas Roadhouse" and we went with the Milton sisters also. That was a lot of fun! I'm telling you, the ward members here are the nicest people!
Sunday we went to church and 4 of our investigators couldn't come because the kids where sick but R. came and that was good. We then did weekly planning and then went to the S. families home for dinner and that was good! They have 5 kids under the age of 10 and the youngest is 5, they are a great family. We had a lot of fun with them, after we went and saw C. and D.  I love them! Then we had "companionship inventory" that was fun!  This week was great and it went by faster than a burning freight train. I just want everyone to know that I love this gospel and it its so true! Also, everyone should read the talk "walking in circles".  I love you all and hope you know that I pray for all of you! Thank you for the support and for the love! Oh,  I saw a turtle. I like turtles. Love you and hope y'all have a wonderful week!
Love you!
Love, Sister Seegrist

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