Monday, September 8, 2014

September 08, 2014 - Raccoon's and Destin Beach

So this week went by so fast!  Oh, and a saw a real live raccoon.. hehe. My life is almost complete! It will be once I see a gator and a bear! haha.  So this lady is our ward took us to Destin last p-day and it is so pretty. We took pictures on the beautiful beaches. We also went to the outlet malls there.  She took us to McGuire's which is this Irish pub. There are only two in the whole world. They have 1.4 million dollars hanging up.. we put a dollar up that had we wrote down and on hehe... then we put it on the wall. You will have to look up the place it is super awesome! After we  came back and went to teach B. and J. but they were "busy" so we just dropped off some clothes from the other sisters. We went to see some less actives and this one lady was like yelling at us because we didn't call first.. but we weren't even trying to see her in the first place.. haha anyways that was good.   Tuesday we had district meeting which was good!  After that we went and visited some less actives again.. then we went to D. and C. and taught them about baptism. They both want to work towards it. Later we went to R. and re-committed him to baptism. He is getting baptized on the 20th of this month. Then we went and visited some more less actives and did some street contacting! I am telling you, I have never biked so much in my whole life combine! I love it!  Tuesday we talked to a group of like 5 people who where so drunk it was super funny. One lady  said we could come back and then when we did she was sleeping, so we will see if we go see her again.. Wednesday we did service at the thrift store.. Mom, Charity and Aryn, I am pretty sure you would all love this store! ..Hehe.  Later that day we went to see A. who is a non active member who we are trying to get to come back to church! She just has troubles with Joseph Smith and prophets. We are working with her though. Later we  went on exchanges and I went to Milton for the rest of the day! We taught some less actives and recent converts, that was good. When I got back on Thursday we went and  saw R. again.  then we went to the H. for dinner. They really are a awesome family!  Then we had correlation meeting and let me tell you... the cockroaches here are HUGE! There were some just crawling round the Relief Society room. The Elders freaked out more than I did.. haha even though it was creepy.. haha  Then we went and visited more less actives.. on Friday we went to M. Y. house for lunch. She feeds us every Friday, she is so nice! We talked with her and did some scripture study with her. She is really nice, her husband passed away about a year and a half ago. Then we did weekly planning  then we biked to Sister L.'s for dinner. She is so kind as well. we also brought food that Sister L. made to a non member family. We are hoping to teach them sometime. So funny story, we went and saw R. and we drove this time and when we pulled up the wife thought we were cops ( we drive a super nice Chevy Cruz.) so we knocked on the door and we hear all of this noise and this a few minutes later someone opens the door and there is no one in the house.. so he sees us and is like "Oh, he will be right out," so when he came out everyone was just chilling on the couch.. haha he told us that his wife got up and ran and hid.. haha keep in mind she is like 65 haha and this larger black lady.. haha it was so funny! I love the people here!  Saturday we had kind of a really cool day, our investigators D. and C. don't have a working car, but we have an awesome ward and brother K. came and fixed their car for them. It was so awesome, we were able to visit with them for a while when they where fixing the car. Sister K. is 23 and is expecting a baby. She is in the Air force (just like EVERYONE here in Navarre) but she is getting out in November. They are a really awesome couple! They are ward missionaries! So after they fixed their car we went to another lesson with R. and Sister K.Y.  came with us to that lesson and it was awesome! After that my companion and I were so hungry, so we went to the Waffle house and the waitress asked if we where Jehovah Witnesses. We said "No we are missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!" Then we started to talk  with her.  She is confused about churches right now and wanted to meet with us. We are going to her house on Wednesday. It was super awesome! She also said that her sister might have some questions for us.. we are hoping it all goes well. Anyway,  I saved the best day for last.. SUNDAY! We had 4 investigators come to church! D. , C. and her kids all came! They stayed the whole time and loved it! They said they are excited to come back next week! R. was supposed to come but his wife had to got to the ER but he is coming next week.. Then we planned some more on Sunday and then we went to C.and D. house, because we didn't get to talk to them after church. They left with the member they came with so fast.. They are such awesome people! We  got stuck at their house because it started storming super bad.. and we had biked to their house. but Sister L.. came and picked us up. because we had a dinner appointment with her! We ate dinner with them and the C.'s they are another super awesome couple, they are around  22 and 24.  They gave us a ride back to our bikes and we biked home!  This whole week was really good and it went by so fast! I hope y'all had a wonderful week! I love you all and thank you all so much for the support and everything! I know that this church is so true and I know that my life would not be the same without it! I know that our Father in Heaven loves and knows us personally. I know that Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today and he leads and guides us.  I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

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