Monday, September 1, 2014

September 01, 2014 - Half Mission Conference Elder Zwick

Hey everyone!
This week has been good. It went by so fast, but it feels like it was forever ago from last Monday! Tuesday we biked and contacted, my companion was sick so we didn't get out until later, but it's all good. Wednesday we had a half mission conference and Elder Zwick came and spoke, it was really good! He talked a lot about getting members involved and staying focused on the work, it was really good. It was also good to see some of my old MTC friends. Thursday we taught R., he is an older guy who was about to get baptized but he had to wait for a legal issue to resolve.  He is a  smoker and we need to get him to stop and start coming back to church, because he has a wonderful testimony but he just has some stuff to take care of before he can get dunked. So we then biked everywhere! I have bike almost my whole area. Just have to bike area 10 and 11 but we will get those this week. We get fed all the time here. The ward members are so friendly. This one guy in our ward bought us pizza for when we had some other  sisters who were staying in our house over half mission conference. He always ask us do you have food? Oh, I almost forgot, we had a wonderful church tour with our awesome investigators D. and C. They loved it! They have 2 kids both have Autism but it is very mild and they are awesome kids. They were suppose to come to church but their son got sick so they couldn't. But it is probably best they didn't because it was all on temples and I think that would have scared them, we haven't talked about that yet. Friday we taught them again and told them about the Book of Mormon. Actually only C. was there this time but she loved it and was so excepting of it. They really are just ready to learn. She also loved hearing about Joseph Smith and it made so much sense to her and D.  Saturday we biked around and talk to everyone which we do everyday anyways. We biked to the beach here and that was nice..  I loved it! Yesterday we went to church all week I had this feeling that I would see someone I  knew at church but I was like nah that won't happen.. then I am sitting there and the family in front of me looked so familiar I was like "Oh my gosh it's that Caplin dude! ha..ha... I wasn't really sure, then they were signing, so I knew it was them. That was pretty cool! I got some pictures with them. After church were at home for lunch and we were just laying down cause we still had about 30 minutes left of our lunch hour and my companion said to me " My best friend is going to be in Destin tomorrow" (That is where we are going today) She said "I wish I could just run into her but it is so big it will never happen.." not even 2 minutes later we hear a knock at the door and there is this older couple standing there like they were lost. We looked down and there were balloons and candy on our doorstep and the guy was like "Someone left you something." we were like, who are these people.  the guy was like " Who do I look like? I am brother..... so in so.." My companion was like " OH MY GOODNESS IS SHE HERE????" her best   
friend was there and came to see her... haha, just cause they were here in Navarre. Yesterday was a pretty weird day!... haha but it was good one and none of it was planned... haha. Today we are going to Destin as I mentioned before, a lady in our ward is taking us. We are at her house using her computers because the library is closed so we got permission to email at a members house. I will try and send some more pictures next week because I don't really know how to send them off o this laptop. I love you all so much and thank you all for the support! I know the church is true! I know that families can be together forever and that we have a living prophet on the earth today! I love you all and will write you next week!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

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