Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014 - Nerf Wars and Pensacola

Hey everyone!!
 How was you all's week? I hope it was good! I had a great week! This week went by so fast! I guess I will just do the usual and start with Monday.
On Monday we had a Nerf War with our district, that was a lot of fun. Then we went and got our hair cut and then we did our shopping. Then we went and met with a recent convert named L. she is 17 and joined the church in June. She is really a great person! The Elders where the ones working with her but now we will be. 
On Tuesday we went to Pensacola for zone training. We were placed on a lock down because there were a lot of storms in the mission, including tornado's but the lock down only lasted about an hour.  The training was really good. The Zone leaders did a great job at teaching!  After training we went to lunch with some of the sisters in our zone, we went to Panda Express, then came home, then we went to see R and V.
Wednesday  we worked at the thrift store. Then we went and saw C. After visiting with her we went to V's house and helped her clean her house. She has breast cancer and just started chemo, we just dusted and swept and mopped. After that we went to our dinner and lesson with R and his wife E. We taught the plan of salvation. She said it was "interesting" and she would pray about it. After that lesson we biked to A's and had our appointment with him. On the way back we saw something big and black and at first we thought it was a bear because they are EVERYWHERE here. (I have yet to see one) But it was actually just a dog. It started chasing us. We were biking so fast, haha.. Then we got to our car and were like I guess we will have to see if the dog was nice, haha.. thank goodness it was. It was a chocolate lab and was just wagging it's tale. lol.
Thursday we tried to do our weekly plan but that never works out when we want it to. Then we went to the church to make some copies then we went to see A. and then the R. family then we visited with a few others.  We went to dinner at the S's. They are a great family! Then we went to correlation meeting.. After that we went to the K's. They are a great family as well!
Friday we biked all day! We biked to M.Y's house (need I mention her house is like 6 mile at least) We had lunch with her and watched more Conference. Then we biked to T.A's house and talked with her. We then went and tried a referral from the Elders, but she wasn't home. Then we went to see C.  then we biked to the M's house for dinner. We went with them to this Thai place. That was yummy! Then we biked all the way home which was about 10-15 miles. It was dark and cold and we had 45 minutes to get home to get our car and go to another appointment. We were biking so fast lol. We were about 10 minutes late. It was A's baptismal interview. That went very well. We talked with them after the interview. We love them so much. They are another great family. Then we went home and planned.
Saturday we went and saw Miss K. She is amazing! She was on Dr. P. last October and they where just so mean to her. She was reuniting with her daughter and Dr. P. just was trashing her and they wouldn't let her take her medicine before the show that ways she would freak out of TV, but she said to us that "I just sat there with the light of Christ and kept my mouth shut" She is an amazing women. After meeting with her we went to the thrift store and worked we then went to lunch at the waffle house.. mmm waffles. that was good. Then we went and got our flu shots. Our mission required us go get them lol.. Then we did some weekly planning in the library parking lot.. (the things we do to save miles..) Later we biked to the S's for dinner again. It was their daughters birthday, she is 7 years old. All of their kids are really cute! Then we were biking home and talked to this guy who actually wants to be baptized. He had taken the discussion and already knows its all true but he isn't ready yet. The Elder's that taught him just stopped seeing him after a certain Elder left. So we got his information and he said he would love to have them come over. We gave the information to the new Elders, because we know they will actually get it done. He bore his testimony on the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and he said he feels this is his Church home.  He told us he knows he will get baptized eventually. That was really awesome! Then we biked back to our car and finished weekly planning and did 12 week.
Sunday we went to church. We had 3 investigators come to church, that was really great! Then we went and oymed a lot and went to Sister L's for dinner. Then we watched some of conference with her. Then we biked home..
Today we are just emailing and doing the usually p-day stuff.. Well, I love y'all. I  know this church is true! I know that if you pray Heavenly Father will answer your prayers. I hope y'all have a great week!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

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