Monday, October 27, 2014

October 26, 2014 - A. Baptism Was Awesome!

Hey everyone,
 This week was good, it went by super fast..
Monday we emailed and I slept for a bit, then we went to Wal-Mart. We had all three of our appointments cancel on us Monday night, so we went to the Y's we had some cake for dessert. Then we asked them some questions that one of our investigators had. 
Tuesday we had District meeting and that was really, really good. We talked about being bold. I love my district! They are wonderful missionaries.   After we went to the thrift store for a sorters meeting. That was helpful, but boring. lol We then went to see R. and E. E. sat throughout the whole lesson. She is coming along so well. She is reading and praying and coming to church. She also hasn't been drinking as much. She told us that she doesn't really have the desire to drink like she did, she said that she thinks its because I have been coming to church. She is so sweet! We then went to see Sister A. but she wasn't home. So we went home got ready for our next appointment and then went to dinner at Sister A's house. We then a little later we went to M. and V's house and had dinner there.. (yes we were so stuffed) lol it was really great though! M. asked for a Book of Mormon. He said he wants religion in his life. Need I tell you he told us that he didn't want to hear about the church but he said that he would listen as time goes on and he just didn't want it shoved on him, of course no one wants that.. So after dinner we went to the church to pick up some stuff and talk with the bishop about the baptism.
Wednesday we worked at the thrift store. Then we went and saw C. Still having some rough stuff going on.  After meeting with her we biked to the R's house and had a real awkward lesson with them.. We went to meet with the mom, but the dad and the mom just put us outside with the daughters who had been investigating the church and said you can meet out here.. the daughters and Sister Strickland and I just where like what is going on... lol. the mom came out for a second and was like, I got to get back to cooking... the  mom just thought we came to see the daughters.  Anyways, we then went and had our last lesson/dinner with A. before his baptism.  They bought us Zaxby's, yum! We had a good lesson with him. We then came home.
Thursday we went to the church and cleaned the font, it was gross! Then we had lunch that a member bought us, pizza and breadsticks and soda. Then we went and biked and "oymed" a ton! We talked to 40 people in about 3 hours ha ha.. and that was just us biking around. We street contacted this guy who was like "Oh my wife is actually a member, let me go get her." She comes out and is like "SISTERS!!" she was so happy to see us. She told us she has only lived in Florida for like 2 years but hasn't been to church in a year. She then said "It must be a sign if I run into you guys the day we are moving into our new house" Lol.. She then set up an appointment to feed us next week. Then we had correlation meeting, which was good. Then we went and saw the C's.
Friday we went to M. Y's for lunch and then we went to see  J. then E. and then C.  Then we went to dinner and then did weekly planning..
Saturday we went to see Miss K. she is amazing! Then we went to the thrift store and then to the church. A. was baptized! That was great! We also had lunch with the K's.  We had a great day!!!
Sunday was great as well!  We had the primary program and another baptism which was the Elders. Well, I would love to write more but my time us up on the computer here at the library. I love you all, have a great week.
Love, Sister Seegrist

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