Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015 Humidity is Back!

Hey everyone,
How was this week? This week was good here in good Ol' Navarre.
The humidity has come to stay I believe and it's just beginning, ya gotta love it!!!
So this week we had a nice Zone Conference. It was very uplifting and great! We learned about some wonderful health stuff.. haha such as bugs, dehydration and safety. It was actually pretty good. We also talked about hurricanes. They are expecting one this year. They usually have them every 10 years or so... and guess what, it's been10 years. We will see if I am still in Navarre.. when it comes. That would be exciting! After talking about hurricanes we talked about some other mission related stuff, such as obedience, teaching with the spirit, having a desire and making people feel awkward haha... it's just so fun! We talked about unity and being diligent, it was all very motivating! It was also Sister Kirton's birthday on the same day. When we got home we went to a members house and they made burgers and fries for us. We also had some cake and ice cream.
We did service again on Wed at the thrift store.  Happy Birthday Alyse!!  We got to see E. and had a lesson with J. We had a nice dinner with a young family in the ward.  We got to visit with the S's. They are both doing well. We taught the Law of Chastity.  It was us, the girls and the dad. Good thing he took over that part of the lesson... explained all that stuff.
Weekly planning was the next day, which was good to get that done!
Friday, Happy Birthday Adalyn. We did some service today we helped some people move. That was fun! We loaded up boxed and unloaded them at a different place. We also moved other stuff out of the house. That was fun. After we did service we went and saw the R's. They are doing well. They  both came to church yesterday. We had dinner with the L's. They are a really cool couple. We then went to Volleyball. Oh,we got the sisters so good!!! hahaha #hidingintheirbathrooms.. haha #classic.
Saturday was service for a little bit. We finally got to see D. W. We haven't been able to see her in so long!! We just dropped by and saw her. We then talked to some members who live close by that were outside. They are moving to Italy. We then brought some cupcakes to some people who are going though a lot. Then we brought some to B. We went out for BBQ with a member, that was good.  Then we went and played some basketball.. I love that sport!!!
Sunday we had some great talks and lessons. We got to help out with some twins in the wards baptism. That was good. I got to give a last minute talk on the Holy Ghost. She asked me at church and the Baptism was after church. It was all good though even if it was only 30 seconds long. hahaha about that... it involved bubbles so it was good. Those twins are so funny.  One of them had to get dunked twice.  When he first walked in he was like " OH IT'S FREEZING!!" Then he started to scream!  So funny, then he wouldn't go back under.. haha so the dad said the prayer fast and kind of pushed him under.. haha not in a forceful way though, haha... it was great! Then we had dinner at a family in the wards home, they are so great!
Well,  I love you all!  Have a great week!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

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