Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015 Staying in Calloway!

So I am sticking around Callaway for another transfer. I am super stoked about that. Great area! So my email will be shorter this week.. We don't have much time.. We are going to the Beach.. yippy!
So on Monday we went to FHE. That was fun!
Tuesday we had a great District Meeting. We had a root beer party, because there was a baptism. We then went and tried some former investigators, but no one was home. We did get a new gator. Her name is C. She is 15 and comes from a part member family.
Wednesday we got checked out BIG TIME! lol. This guy riding the bus was not sly about it at all.. straight up watching us.. lol..The funniest part was the people behind us noticed as well. lol.. Then we had a great scripture study. Talked about how Nephi went back to get the plates. It was pretty great! We talked about the obedience they had.
Thursday we had weekly planning, saw some less actives then had a Relief Society activity, that was fun.
Friday we saw some recent converts and had a KILLER lesson with R. She is improving so much! it is an amazing miracle. I got called "Sister ADD.".. lol.
Saturday we had a really nice Baptism that we went to. We painted an older ladies fingernails. She is super nice. She made us eat a ton of ice cream.. #notcomplaining. We then had a awesome dinner with some great retuning members. I love this ward so much! We then saw another returning member.
Sunday we got to meet a recent move in member. She is awesome! Then we tried to see some others but  we didn't feel like we should. Then we kind of got lost in this really nice neighborhood.. That had houses that looked like they would be in horror film.. lol
Well  that's about all I have.. Hope that you have a great week everyone.. and remember that your hair looks like "angel wings" flapping in the wind..
(I got told that by an older guy.) lol
Love y'all
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

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