Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 16, 2015

Sorry my email is so late today! Crazy fun day today though! I will get to that later.. I will start with Monday I guess.
Monday we did your fun stuff for p-day, we cleaned the car really well..
Tuesday we had Zone Conference. That was really good. We got black boxes in our cars also know as "TIWI" they are to see how your driving. It is so weird.. if your speeding it talks to you and says in a really creepy voice "Check your speed" or if you don't got your seatbelt on it says "Check your seatbelt" Then if you are aggressive driving it says "aggressive driving" it is weird we also now are doing designated drivers.. Sister B. is the one for our companionship..  I haven't gotten any peeps...  If you get peeped to many times, it sends notifications to president.. then you could lose driving privileges, other than the TIWI we talked about "Member Present Lessons" and how important they are. We talked about being united at a mission and as companionships. We also talked about new ways to go tracting to doors, that was really cool. It is about family history surveys that we take with people. I think that will be a really great tool to use with people. We came home and got to set an appointment with B. He is an investigator that the Elders found. But since the Elders are not here anymore we have the privilege to teach him.
Wednesday we did our same ol' service we do every week. We then had a GREAT lesson with B. He is so prepared! I don't even know how to describe how great and prepared he is. His wife is on deployment over in Korea for a year. She just left in Jan. But what is cool is she is in contact with the missionaries over there in Korea. She is reading the Book of Mormon and they are both preparing and learning together even though they are so far apart. It's crazy how the Lord works sometimes. When we taught him we talked about church, prayer and reading. That went really well.. He really is just so prepared! After our great lesson with B. we went and saw M. and V.They invited us over for dinner later in the week..
Then we had dinner with the S's family. They are really great! We talked to them about scriptures and how important they are to us. We then went to see Brother Crosby. His wife wasn't home so we chatted with him outside for a few minutes.
Thursday we went and tried to see J. and the Jehovah Witnesses were there......... awkward......  we pulled up and they were walking away from her house. We pulled in the driveway and they just starred at us for a good 5 minutes they then left. We went to see J. and she was sick so we couldn't see her. :(  Then we were driving and we passed this house that was being investigated.. there were 7-8 cop cars and FBI and crime scene people with there white gloves and caution tape all around the front door, that was weird. Then we went to have a lesson with J. after our weekly planning. While we were driving over there we came up to a stop light and 4 cop cars come pulling in front of us and block us in. To block off the road. They were helping transport huge piece of cement that was like for a bridge. That took about 10 minutes, it was pretty cool to see though. We then had a really wonderful lesson with J. We talked about prayer she prayed for us.. That was a first in a very, very, long time for her. From what it sounded like to us, she hadn't prayed since her son was born.. He is now 8. The prayer was really great and the spirit was so strong. We committed her to continue praying. She is progressing pretty well.
We had correlation Brother G. scared the tar out of me... anyways... haha just poking his head in the primary room window,  awkward freak out I had... hahaha
Friday we had good lesson with the R. and a great dinner with M. and V. They made us really good grilled chicken. Then we had a good movie night. We watched Scripture Legacy. Really a great movie! Everyone should watch that one as well, you can find it on lds.org. it is only about 20 minutes long, but really good. A non- member came to movie night that was really great! My great companion talked to her for about half an hour.
Saturday we worked at the thrift store and then went contacting at Navarre Park. While we were contacting we saw this car that had a picture of Christ in the window, it was like a church picture as well the one in the red robe. So we wrote a note that said that we really enjoyed their picture and to keep being an example. That was really cool then we had to get the oil changed in our car so we drove to Gulf Breeze and talked to this man who was waiting for and hour and a half we talked to him about so much. Seeds definitely were planted. We then played volleyball that was really fun! Sister S and I did a funny role play for our "spiritual thought." (it was super last minute, when Elder B. asked if one of us could do one.) It was on our weaknesses and we did one on about being awkward, that was really funny!  I am really grateful for the great missionaries I have been able to serve with. I really have had some of the greatest districts.
Sunday we had a great Sunday, church, B. and his boys and his sister came to church!! They could only stay the first hour, but they loved it! Then we had a good rest of our day, planning and working with some members.
Today we went to Fort Pickens That was really fun! Again my district is great! We had a really fun time!
Well family, I love you and I am sorry I didn't email everyone back today.. really low on time.. I will write you back next week. Just know that I love you and the church is true! Stay Righteous!
Love, Sister Seegrist

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