Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb. 2, 2015 - Happily Staying in Navarre! Six Month Mark

Hola everybody,
This week was really great did a lot of contacting and biking.  Monday we just finished our p-day. We had fun at the beach! Sister Blake packed her bags.
Tuesday we had a really great district meeting. We read the talk" Unleashing the Dormant Sprit." Everyone should read that it is a really good talk! I had to do a role play in front of my whole district. It was pretty good.. I thought. Better then I was expecting. We also talked about being bold, that is what the role play was on. We then talked about Enduring to the End. After district meeting we taught "The Plan of Salvation" to R and E for her new member lessons. Then we taught it to J. She was taken by surprise by the 3 kingdoms, but she wasn't against it. She is doing really well. We had a nice dinner with the M. Family here. They are super Friendly. :)
Wed. I went to the Doctor for some dumb nose bleeds that I had 2 weeks ago. Haha... word of advice, don't tell the mission nurse nothin'.. hahaha Jk it was fine! The doctor did say that I have allergies. Who doesn't. haha ;) Afterwards Sister L.  took us out to pizza for lunch! She is really great!  We then had a lesson with our new Investigator E. J. That went good! We then contacted for awhile. Then we had dinner with the W's. That's not how you spell that but it's pretty close.. haha.  We then tried to see a less active but no one was home! #Morecontacting.. Then we had one of the last new member lessons with A.! That was really good! We taught about the commandments!
 Thursday we did some planning with the Elders, since they are no longer going to be in the ward. Now I am the one who has to do everything. haha since I will be the only one who knows anything about Navarre. We will see how that goes. anyways...
So after the planning with them, we did our own weekly planning. We went to see  the R's again and finished "The Plan of Salvation." Then had correlation meeting with our ward mission Leader.
Friday we just biked all flipping day! haha.... which is fine cause I love biking. It was kind of windy so that is the only thing that made it hard. We biked 20 miles round trip to see two less active.. was good though. We then got to stop in on Sister A. Didn't get to talk much because she had a sick son, but we are excited to start meeting with her again this week. It has been forever since we have seen her. When we got home from biking we walked to our dinner appt. It was at this Italian Restaurant, it was really good. Then we had movie night! Brother C. came!!!!! That was really cool! He hasn't been to church since 1975 and he just randomly showed up to movie night! We were so excited! We also had some active members come! We watched "Mountain of the Lord."Great movie!
Saturday we worked at the thrift store. Then we went to see M. and V. That was good, we hadn't seen them in about 2 weeks. She is still going through Chemo.
After seeing them we tried another member that we have never met before and we briefly got to chat with her for about 5 mins. Then we did a lot of walking, also had dinner and played volleyball. Volleyball is always super fun!
Sunday E. J. came to church! YAY! It was a really good fast and testimony meeting. A lot of people bore there testimonies on the love that our Heavenly Father has for each of us! It was a really great one! We then had our final new member lesson with A. That was good, we talked a lot about priesthood. Thank goodness that Brother S. was there to help answer some questions he had. After that lesson we tried to see C. she is sick. Then we had out final new member lesson (NML) with L. as well, she is doing really great! She got into the U of U She is just waiting to hear back from the dance program there. After our lesson there we walked to dinner with the G's. They are a new family in the ward. They are a really great family!
We got transfer calls last night! I am staying her in Navarre! I am super excited about that! I love this area! I am coming on being out for 6 months on the 6ths of this month.. oh wait that's in like 4 days! Wow!! I am sad about the Elders leaving the area. it will be weird not having Elders to help out at times! Oh well, haha...Today we are just getting stuff ready for Sister Cooper to head home! She arrives home on Thursday! It has been great serving with her! It is really great and crazy how you really do learn to love your companions for who they are! haha..  I will miss her! Well, that is all for this week! I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

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