Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015 - Two new 'Gators and a Biting Dog!

Another crazy fast week! I don't get how its flying by so fast! I know I say that every single week but MAN it is crazy! So this week we went to the beach on Monday and that was super fun. I sent those pictures last week.
Tuesday we had a really, really great district meeting. Elder Burnett our District leader always does a really great job. It was about feeling the spirit and it was really something that I needed to hear. Then we had to travel to Niceville for an appointment. That was a long, fun trip haha.... Then we went and saw some less actives as usual. Then we went walking, O.Y.M. for the rest of the night. That was nice. We have done a lot of walking in the last week. Which is pretty good, I guess.
Wed. was pretty busy. We worked at the thrift store. After that we went and had a lesson with V. her sister is now wanting to listen to our lessons which is really great, we are super happy about that! After our lesson there we went and saw J. and then L. Then we went to see the R's.. After that long day we had dinner and then saw another less active family the C's.
Thursday was a day full of planning and dinner with the Stake President.
Friday we had lunch with M. Y. While we were walking back I saw this lady and I was like "oh let's go talk to her." So we went to do so and her little dog was yapping away. She was like "Oh, he isn't nice" so I tired to stay back and I thought I was far enough away then when I went to hand a card to the lady the dog bit me in the leg. Good thing it didn't hurt or I would have kicked the dog harder then I did. hahaha I only kicked it enough to get it off of my leg. She then picked it up and said "I told you she was mean"  then she wouldn't take the card because she was holding him. So I left it on her truck. haha anyway, after that fun time we went walking and walking. We walk a lot that day, it was really good though. We tried to see some DNC (do not contacts) the one that we tried to see lives in this super sketchy trailer. No one answered the door. After that fun exciting time we walked back to our car and then went to movie night. That was good. We watched the movies "The Restoration and The Prophet Joseph Smith" That was really good. We are trying to get more people to come to movie night. We are still trying to get it all rollin' On Saturday we worked hard and had a good lesson with C. We read out of the Book of Alma with her. It was really good. She wants so badly to come to church. She has progressed a ton since we met her.  After that we worked at the thrift store and had a good time there. It is always super fun to work there, even though everyone who works there is either super old or doing community service.  So after that we went to the church and filled up the font for a little boys baptism. The fonts hot water is broken and it was super slow. It took 2 hours for it to fill only half way up and it was really cold, poor little boy. It went really good though. We watched the video Reflections of Christ, that was good. I love that video! If you haven't seen it y'all should watch it. After the baptism we had dinner with Sister K. She had her friend there as well and she wants to take the lessons. We have one for Wed. Yay! Then we went  to the church and briefly met with our ward mission leader, Brother G.  Then we played some awesome volleyball, that was super fun!
Sunday we had a less active family come to church! That was really good! We then went and saw some people on the island. Man the water was nasty looking haha... anyways it is always fun to go out there. Anyways so today we had a fun district activity at the beach. We built sand castles. I kind of went swimming... hahahaha actually. I was laying down helping Sister Beaukers dig a tunnel when about 30 seconds later a huge wave came up and covered me in water, needless to say my whole district saw it.. hahaha they all were laughing. It was pretty funny and I dried off pretty fast.  That is pretty much all that happened. Well, I love y'all hope you have a great week!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

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