Monday, January 5, 2015

January 05, 2015 - Kohnir the creepy doll!

I hope y'all had a great week and New Years. Hope no one partied to hard, like me.
 Monday we got Sister Blake. She is great! We get along great! She is super funny. So after we picked her up we finished the day. We had dinner with this member. They have a new born baby who was born on December 18th. The baby is super cute.   They are super nice people.
Tuesday we had Zone Training in P-Cola. That was fun, even though I was super sick and was #outofit. The P-cola sister trainers taught and the Elders taught,it was good. Then we had a zone activity after. We played four square. That was so much fun! I never thought that four square would be fun,  we really have a great zone here in Pensacola.  We had a four square tournament and winner got 100 extra miles. That was cool. We lost! Gulf Breeze sisters won. Good thing we carpool with them a lot, haha. Then we had a good rest of our day working. We had a delish dinner with a member. They made us a ton of Italian food, you know me and my love for the Italian.
Wed. we went and said goodbye to someone in the ward who is moving to St George. We walked around and to be honest this was just a weird day, and we had to be in early. We did some comp study.
Thursday we did the usual weekly planning. We then had a lesson with M. and V. They agreed to allowing us to teach them the lessons. Which is really great! We feel that it will help him understand more about the church, and this way we aren't pushing it upon them. They are a really great couple.  Then we had a lesson with J. We were teaching her the Restoration. We have these cups as visual aids, while we were building up the church we realized we forgot the two most important cups. The two types of Priesthood, which is pretty important, since that is a huge part of the Restoration. We tried to do it without and it really didn't work, but it turned our really, really, good. She told us that the way it worked out was perfect and helped her understand it more and the importance of it.  We told her that the church wasn't the same if we didn't have the Priesthood. She then told us that she believes that everything happens for a reason. She was super open and is super excited to learn more. We are so grateful that she understood and it made sense to her. She also mentions to us all the time about how she is freaked out my organized religion and how do we know if the Prophet really is called of God. This lesson helped her a lot, maybe this story doesn't sound as cool as it really was. haha anyways it was!!!
Friday was my half birthday haha.
We saw some less actives  and had lunch with two of them. We biked around a lot looking for souls to save.  Then we walked about two miles to our dinner appt., which was really great!  We had a lesson with them, E. and R.. E. is getting Baptized this Saturday. We are so excited and happy for her! R. gets to baptize her. She really has come such a long way.  It has been a privilege to teach her. She asked Sister Cooper and I to speak at her Baptism. At the lesson we taught about eternal families, temple work and family history. That all went really good. :) Then we had movie night. We just actually went over the roster with the Elders.
Saturday, we saw Miss K. she said she wants to work towards Baptism. Yippy!!! She is really great!  We then worked at the Thrift store. #nerfgunsaremyweakness.
We have been trying to visit the do not contacts this week. While we were contacting we met this lady who is Buddhist. She invited us inside and has so many questions. She had so many different, not correct thoughts on Mormons. We set up another appointment with her, she is really great! We are excited to get to know her better, most of them have moved. We had a great dinner with Sister C. After that we went to play Volleyball. That was a lot of fun!! Then we had a sister wide fast, where all the sisters in this mission fasted. Sister Smith ( our Mission Presidents wife) said the prayer. That was really nice and cool!
Sunday we saw some less actives and members.
So, Kohnir is this creepy doll that we got at the thrift store,  he hides all over the place, haha..
Well, this is all that has really happened this week. Everyone  please read Geneses 19:17. Great scripture about new beginnings.  
Anyway,  I hope you have a great week! I love you!
Talk to y'all next week!
Love, Sister Seegrist

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