Thursday, January 1, 2015

December 15, 2014

Howdy everybody!
 Can you believe that it has been almost 6 weeks since Strickland left? Goodness So this week was great! Monday we just did the same stuff. e then went to see a potential named K.. That was well just really, awkward. #righton. That is all he said  and we found out that it is just him and his dad that live there. We told the Elders to go see him.  He was pretty receptive to the Book of Mormon. 
 Tuesday we went to the Zoo! That was so much Fun. I have never seen a 27 year old Elder so excited about birds. We had a lot of fun.We went with our whole District. That lasted until about 1:30 then we had a church tour planned for 2 but they cancelled. We then practiced out District introductions for half mission.  That  was  really fun.  Then we went to a members for dinner.  We saw R. and E. she was sick  we then went to see the sisters and practiced  for Half mission. We did a pageant for our District intros.
Wednesday we worked at the thrift shop and saw V. and A. We  saw and a few other people as well. Thursday was Half Mission Conference. That was so much fun! We did musical performances that lasted about 2 hours. We then had lunch which was catered by Sunny's  BBQ that was really great! We then did our district intro's and ours was great! Everyone now thinks I breed Jelly Fish in my free time! Haha. We did our stocking exchange. I got Sister Rohwer. I got her a bunch of random stuff. I think she liked it. The sister who had me was a senior sister. She made me a ton of homemade candy. Which was so good! She also made me a scarf and a few other things. I loved it. We then got to watch Meet the Mormons! That was so good! It really was a great movie! After Half mission we came home and went to the Relief Society Progressive Dinner. That was good. That lasted the rest of the night.
Friday we saw our usual people, and  we talked to a lot of people. We saw R. and E. We also had dinner with a member.  Then we did our missionary movie night. That was a lot of fun!
Saturday we tried to see miss K. but she wasn't home. We then went to the thrift store. We then saw V. After that we did weekly planning. We then had a big dinner with some ward members. They cooked us Ribs and BBQ Chicken, it was really good. We then had missionary Volleyball. That was a lot of fun!  Sunday we did a lot of contacting after church. We talked to 10 people in 45 mins. We then had dinner and saw C. That was all really good! So, I'm sorry this letter is really boring this week, nothing too exciting happening here. E. is still doing well. She is done drinking now. She has come so far. I cant believe when we met her she was drinking an 18 pack of beer a week and now she is off completely. It is crazy what Heavenly Father can do when you put your trust in him. I know that he really does help us in whatever way we need. He really does answer our prayers when and how they need to be answered. He loves us so much. He wants what is best for us. I hope y'all have a great week and remember why we celebrate Christmas. I love each one of you!  Thanks for everything you do!
Love, Sister Hannah Seegrist

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